15 Photos Showing How Perfect Photos Are A Big Lie!

  • 11:32 pm July 31, 2018
  • suhas

People often tend to get carried away in their emotions about pictures and view it with a special importance. Professionally, photographers work on different skills to get their photographs to convey messages more clearly, elaborately and sometimes in the most glamorous way possible. Can we really trust them with the truth though?

So Much For Instagram!

Ohhhh good lord, things that people do for their Instagram page! Imagine if someday the owner decides to just sh the app? Bammm, so many modeling careers will be over!

No Perfect Photo!

Because a perfect photo does not exist. What exists is a perfect editing software and that is how all of this comes out!


Never ever trust advertising or your eyes when it comes to advertising! Everything is just an illusion thanks to some incredibly talented artists!

Not Really!

If this is how hard you have to work to make an image look seductive, I don't know if I'll ever be able to trust any sultry Ad film anymore!


Not very attractive anymore? Well, this is what happens when you get deeper into the roots of things that you see!


Levitation as it really is ladies and gentlemen! As mentioned, there isn't any perfect photo in the world!

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Ohhhh Good Lord!

Hey, I wanna take this picture too! Ohhhh wait, I wanna buy the same editing software instead! Makes sense?

The Difference!

Photoshop can change everything, literally everything! I mean, you can see the difference yourself!


When you get to see the reality of this image, you realize of unreal the expression is! The girl is happy, yes but not comfortable!

Stop Tricking!

Perfect Lighting? Ya sure! Perfect vacation? Ya sure! We know the reality girl, don't trick us you see!

The Angle!

Photographer's job is not easy! The angles they have to click their pictures in are crazy!


I am just stunned to see the difference in the original picture and the edited one! This is absolutely crazy and maniacy!

Heart Breaking Stuff!

I thought I was in luck when I saw the first picture. All I had to do was hunt for this house. But then I saw the second picture and my heart was broken and shattered again!

Not So Much!

I wonder, does tall grass even exist, after looking at this picture! The girl is pretty, yes! The original photo? Not so much!

Clean it!

Please clean the beach and take away all your stuff once you are done! Please do that!