15 Photos That Leave Us With Millions of Questions!

  • 9:11 pm August 21, 2018
  • suhas

These photos are not merely photos that we found randomly on Internet? These are some intriguing photos that'll force you to think. These photos will leave with plenty of questions in your mind. Put your brain through his because this is worth each and every single second of your time!

Cool Party!

This is how you party for real because it simply cannot get any better! So in future if you ever plan a party for your friends, make sure that it is this cool!


“Woman at a gas station using gasoline to clean her bumper.” Where is the basic sense of logic in these people? Why don't these people love their life?

Totally Stupid!

If this man isn't stupid, I don't know who is. What people don't understand is that there is a very thin line between being a daredevil and being stupid!

What Is Going On?

Who in this world will explain us what exactly is going on here? Why on earth does the world behaves like this?

Amazing day!

This is just another day with just another bear in a Lambo. Such an amazing day this is, isn't it? Just what we need!

So Confused!

“I’m as confused as that guy behind him.” I swear!

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Did you see that?

If you've already realized what is wrong with this picture, you must be shitting in your pants right now. And if you haven't look at it again. Why is that girl looking behind in the mirror when she clearly isn't doing that in real?


Did someone tell this elephant that it isn't a good idea to satiate his thirst with this water? It'll just get him a lot of health problems in future.


Yes, we are thinking exactly what you are thinking right now! WHY is on top of our head right now!

The Door!

Yet confused about what is so confusing in this bathroom picture? Well, look at the door and you'll know what we are talking about!

Not Old Fashioned!

Only old-fashioned people use their hands and legs, we use the new age technologically supreme machines to even walk around the supermarket!


“This guy is fishing in an empty ditch on a busy highway, wearing a life jacket and Burger King hat, while sitting on a bike that has a buoy attached.” What does it say about him?

That Tail!

I am just scared by looking at that tail! Way too scared!

Modern Knight

A modern knight in chain armor made of can tabs. Not cool bro!

Modern Art!

So much in the name of modern art man!