15 Super Interesting Facts About Israel That Make It An Extremely Fascinating Country

  • 8:35 pm July 30, 2018
  • suhas

I am sure none of us know much about Israel. With these extremely interesting facts and mind boggling information, our views about Israel are bound to change. I suggest, be ready to get amazed people!

The Diet

Israelis have possibly the healthiest diet there can be! Israelis are third in the world when it comes to vegetable consumption with 197.6 kilograms/person each year and they are third in sweet consumption as well with 38.8 kg/person each year.

Life expectancy

82 years is the life expectancy at birth in Israel which is 2 years more than average given by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Result of extremely healthy diet? Well I think that!

Underweight Models? Banned!

You think Your country is progressive? Well, it can be but is it as logical as Israel? Well, it is the first country to ban underweight models!

Beaches of Israel

Officially, there are around 173 beaches in the country. Do we need to say more?

Renewable Energy

Israel has been promoting renewable energy from quite a while now. In fact, 93% of the households in the country use solar energy!

Museums in Israel

Israel is considered to be a heaven for Museum lovers. They have the best museums in the world.

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The Israeli city of Beer-Sheva has more chess grandmasters per capita than any other city of the world. Smartest city in the world?

No codified Constitution

Israel is a democratic country but there isn't any written constitution. It is one of the three countries in the world which doesn’t have documented constitution; the other two are Great Britain and New Zealand. Well, interesting!

Mobile Technology

Motorola developed its cell phone in its largest R and D center in Israel. The fact is that most of the technology that is used in our cell phone today is developed by Israeli engineers. So be thankful to them.


The highest number of books are translated in Israeli language. This just show the love for reading in the hearts of Israeli people!

Military Service For Women!

Forget about men, even women have to serve in the military and it is compulsory! The Israeli women serve in the military for little less than 2 years.

Emphasis on outdoor activities

People understand the importance of outdoor activities and therefore emphasis on them when it comes to scheduling their day to day activities!

Dead Sea

People float in dead sea because diving in there is almost impossible owing to the high salt content. This is totally a new experience as at the first instance and it feels like you have got some superpower. So cool!

Peanuts For Kids

Do you know that peanuts are added to the diet of children at an early age which reduces the chances of Israeli kids suffering with peanut allergy by 10 times in comparison to the Jew kids in UK. Now that's extremely smart!


Hebrew was almost extinct but Israel revived it and now it is used the most in the country along with Arabic. SO all in all, Israel is possibly the only country in the world that revived an unspoken language and gave it the status of official language.