16 Gorgeous Girls Start Floating On Stage And The Audience Gets Hooked

  • 4:00 pm September 10, 2018
  • Hazel

Performance on stage is something very special for the performers. They give their 100 percent in entertaining the audience and etching their talent in their minds. It is very important to leave a mark in the people's minds because that is how they will be remembered forever. It's like an impression you create in the audience's mind and meeting their expectations. These performers who are 16 girls in total totally made an impression on the minds of the audience and they took the audience with surprise when they started effortlessly moving around the stage that gave away the feeling of them floating around.

Keeping the Tradition alive

In the video below you will be surprised to see this performance as it is not a regular one. These 16 girls are just trying to keep alive the age-long tradition. This is the specialty of this country. This is the Russian dance which is performed on the song, “In the Field Stood a Birch Tree” which was written in 1887-1878.

How they float

These girls performing on the dancefloor are wearing long gowns that cover whole of their lower body which is why you cannot see how they manage to float so effortlessly. But one thing is sure that to perform so gracefully you need real talent.

How they danced

There were on their toes the whole time. Yet their smiling faces didn't let us know how hard it was to float like that. It was really awesome to look at then make it seem so easy.


These dancers are from one of the Russias best dance groups and they practice for many hours to get this kind of grace in dance. It would be a tedious task to learn and portray the same.

The video

Only when you watch the video below you will understand how it is to be graced by such an amazing performance. This ancient folk has never been so uniquely portrayed.