20 Vintage Medical Photos That Are Both Terrifying and Captivating

  • 5:54 pm April 18, 2018
  • mariam

Today, when we look back at all those amazing pieces of innovation of that time, which looks terrifying for us today, but for them, it was their only hope and savior. 100 years from now people will have the same viewpoints in regard to all the medical stuff of today. Hence, we need to be grateful for what is available and opt for it when required.

Orphanage In Chicago

A vintage image of babies being treated for winter rickets, which involved tanning at an orphanage in Chicago in 1925.

Army Medical Centre

In 1920 this is how hands-off physiotherapy used to be at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Birthing Chair

This is a European birthing chair in 1750, which was also adjustable.

Invalid Cart

An injured boy is wheeling around in an “invalid rolling cart” in 1915.


A captivating image showing a pro-PET headgear used for studying the working brain.


A personal pressure chamber of Winston Churchill, which enabled him to make high-altitude flights safely.

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Kidney machine

This artificial kidney machine in 1950 looks a little terrifying.

Great Idea

To keep hold of children in one place during x-rays, this Roentgen steed was designed in 1957

Want it badly!

A terrifying looking machine, that was used to stimulate blood circulation in the legs.

Flu Mask

When the flu epidemic occurred after World War I, these were the medical flu masks used in 1919.


This is a portable ‘iron lung’ in 1950, designed to enable patients to recover at home.

Rotating Cobalt

To attack cancerous tumors in 1955, this rotating cobalt machine was designed which would swing around patients body.

Mentally Ill

Here’s one of the terrifying ways that doctors used to treat the mentally ill, by restraining them with wet blankets


This is a captivating image of how they checked the curvature of the spine for treating scoliosis.

Polio Sufferers

A terrifying way to stack up polio sufferers in a multi-person iron lung in 1950.


A vintage cure for toothaches in 1885.

Blood Transfer

This vintage image of an equipment used for blood transfusions.

Poor People

A neurological exam is conducted on a patient in 1884.


An old vintage prosthetic leg.

Frend Surgeon

A wax model of Madame Dimanche known as (Widow Sunday), who grew a 9.8-inch horn in 6 yrs. on her head. It was removed successfully by a famed French surgeon.