5 Handsome Men Take Stage For Dance Off Until Man In Middle Spins Around And Steals The Show

  • 12:57 pm September 18, 2018
  • suhas

Dancing is a way of life. Nothing in the world can ever sooth you the way dancing does. And if you are a dancer, you'd know the importance of all the competitions and face offs that keep happening. This one is about an Irish Face Off that made a dancer from one of the groups a superstar. You are gonna love this...


Dancing is fun but by no means is easy. The amount of sweat that goes into making a routine work is excruciating to say the least. The work becomes even tougher when preparing for a competition of sorts!

Now here we have something extremely heart warming. So one of the most popular Irish dance groups that we have is Fusion Fighters.

Fusion Fighters

Fusion Fighters are popular for their amazing routines with brilliant technicalities. They spend months on their routines and man o man, they are brilliant.

Now set a situation in your head. It's the Irish Dance World Championships and nerves are high for the members of Fusion Fighters.

Rocking The Dance Floor!

The group has spent months practicing their routine. Now it's time to shine! The group shakes off their fears, walks proudly before the judges and waits for the music to begin. And bamm, it starts!

In a flash, everyone is jigging, stepping and sashaying across the dancefloor. The group is rocking the dance floor! But then something happens!

Best of 5!

5 men came on stage to set the stage on fire. They started performing. But then one of them in the centre did something crazy. He started spinning around to steal the show from others!

You need to see the video of this amazing performance!

The Video

Fusion fighters are huge today because of their hardwork. According to their official website, the members wanted to bring a modern touch to the sometimes old-fashioned style, "For the past five years, they have branched away from what has become the typical Irish dance experience in order to evolve for a modern audience while still preserving their traditions."

Here's the video that we were talking about!