6 Interesting Things Your Nails Reveal About You!

  • 6:54 pm May 26, 2021
  • surabhi

A Nigerian scientist claimed that finger nails of people can be used to determine a lot about their characteristics. This is strange because every human being is different and while people could have different shape of nails for a lot of reasons - birth, grooming, accidents etc.it is said that their personalities could intertwine, if their nail shapes are similar. A detailed research was carried out these are the results of the study. Hold on to your seats, it is going to get a little spooky so you may want to keep checking your fingers!


People with long and narrow nails are seen to be highly egoistic or selfish. They love attention and luxury. Most of their lifestyles is extravagant (for whatever level of economy they belong to). They are calculative and enjoy fraternizing with people who will add value to their life. Others may also misconstrue them as highly opportunistic!


If you have these shaped finger nails, highly likely you are way too tender souled for this world. You are a die hard romantic and find romance in the most banal things - rain, evening city lights, the sea, puddles, trees... you get the drift right? You are a super resourceful person especially due to your organizational skills. You could be highly emotional and thus tend to hurt easy!


These people are born leaders. They are usually calm and pragmatic in their decision making skills. In any situation, they are found to take charge. They love taking up responsibilities. People with broad, long and rectangular nails are also seen to be broad minded, forward thinking individuals!


You are an artistic person and most probably will end up pursuing a career in the creative fields. You are constantly prone to mood swings and often are found on the edge of moods. You could describe your mental state as a "hot mess". You like acknowledgement and validation, more than you give it credit for. You hate losing relationships so most likely change yourself to suit the interests of others!


Jealousy and Aggressiveness comes naturally to you. Even though you are super witty and confident, sometimes, due to your inner insecurities, you tend to take a back seat. You have the tendencies to lead a crowd, but the fact that you take a long time in realizing your true potential does not work in your favor.


The shorter your nails, the shorter your fuse. Your patience is always boiling over in a hot pot and while you may be really smart, this temper will take you to dark places. You are quick witted and self sustained. You like your independence. You often set unrealistic goals for yourself and go to any levels to achieve them. You obviously hate to fail and are an incorrigible perfectionists.

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