6 Top Secret Android Functions 90% of Users Unaware Of!

  • 5:43 pm May 18, 2018
  • Hazel

We use our smartphones almost every minute. We carry it everywhere we go and this is dominating the whole world. We can be connected with the people online and it is very convenient for us to get the work done or get information about on the go! It is very easy to manual the handset but there are things that we need to know about the Android functions as we are unaware of it!

Need Help?

We know this basic information about the tethering device the hotspot. But her's a secret revealed about making it a hotspot device.

You can share the internet you have on your phone with many people who would be connected to your hotspot.

Next time your Wifi's down, get that hotspot and be connected to the world even then!

The Bigger The Better!

You like the larger screen smartphone, but do you have larger icons in it too?

Small icons on the screen can be troublesome for your eyes at times.

Being in front of the screen at all times is dangerous enough! And that is why you should magnify any part of your screen by tapping on it.

For this feature, you need to go to Settings —> Accessibility —> Magnification Gestures.

Be Your Guest!

Do you want privacy? It irritates you when people peep into your phone, right?

No worries now, almost all smartphones come with this Guest mode features by which the other person can see things you’ll want them to see by customizing it.

How cool is that?

To activate, swipe down the notification with two fingers. Touch the user icon on the right. An Add Guest icon will appear, now you are ready to customize as per your wish!

Lost Your Phone?

Don't be sad! We've got an amazing solution just for you!

You can also set a security check which will keep your personal information safe, Apart from lodging a complaint. Which is necessary.

You will be able to track down the location, block your phone without losing your data from the device.

Amazing, right?

You can activate this setting from Settings —> Security —> Device Administrators —> Check the boxes next to Android Device Manager —> Remotely locate this device —> Allow remote lock and erase.


Speech option is really a savior when you say it out and the phone writes it down for you! But it can also be used to read out the texts that the others sent you.

your smartphone can also read all your texts to you. You can set this option by going to Settings —> Accessibility —> Text-to-Speech Output option.

Save more battery!

Choose a simple or black colored background. This way your phone doesn’t have to work on the auto pixel highlighting.

Why didn't I know this before? Now that I am enlightened with this amazing solution!

Black is my go-to color!

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