7 Differences Into Being In Love And Being Attached To Someone

  • 4:20 pm June 22, 2018
  • mariam

When we are in a relationship we feel that the relation is based on love and to be attached with someone to really is to know the deep feeling of our relationships. It is not necessary to be in a relationship, to be close to, truly loves you. Here we created a list for you all will get to know the differences between love and attachment.

Love is selfless

When we truly love to someone, first thing we think of our partner is their happiness more than our own happiness. Love is that feeling for whom happiness is just in the happiness of the other person and for this you are ready to do everything.

Attachment Is Selfish

When you are attached to someone you will see your happiness even if that hampers the true happiness of the other person in the relationship.

Love is liberating, attachment is controlling

When we are in love with someone, you give full freedom because relationship depends on trust.

But in attachment partners know their hearts that they don’t really love each other but they are scared of losing the other person. This makes them control the life of their partner, which destroys the relationship.

Love is forever, attachment is temporary

In true love it has that power to survive the passage of time and nothing can break a couple. But even if you break-up, you always have a special place for them in your heart.

This just don't happen when there is only attachment. After a break-up you feel ditched and even hold a grudge against each other.

Love is difficult and attachment is light

When you separate from a person you were in love with, you are left with a heaviness and deep sadness in your heart.

But in attachment you don’t feel pain. You are able to move-on faster from a relationship.

Love is supportive; attachment is compressive

In love, their wishes and dreams become our own and we help them in every way possible way to fulfill it for achieving their goals.

In attachment, this feelings never come up because people don’t really open up and try to remain in a box.

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Love is complex; attachment is easy

In love couple face all the worry of life together. Their love for each other only makes them stronger.

In attachment, they try to run away when they face a problem. They don’t stay with each other in difficult times.