7 Most Unique Beauty Standards In Different Asian Countries!

  • 2:08 am November 11, 2021
  • suhas

Beauty is an extremely subjective topic. It is different for everybody. What you find pretty may not exactly be my idea of beauty and vice versa. But believe it or not, these are the uniquest beauty standards you will ever see.

Neck elongating (Thailand

You must have read about them. In a specific tribe in Thailand, girls start wearing brass coils when they are 5 years old and get more and more rings that elongate their necks as time goes on.

Long toenails (India)

Long toenails are definitely considered beautiful in a lot of parts of India. In fact, in 2015 Shridhar Chillal from India became the person with the longest fingernails on a single hand ever recognized by Guinness World Records.

Black Teeth

A lot of people find it difficult to believe that black teeth are considered pretty in Japan. But in Japan, teeth blackening or ’ohaguro’ is a Japanese custom of dyeing teeth black with an iron liquid. Amazing!

Nose bandage (Iran)

Iranian women are anyways considered incredibly good looking. Due to the huge popularity of rhinoplasty, Iran has been dubbed the “nose job capital of the world.” And nose bandage just signifies that!

Teeth filing (Indonesia)

So seems like teeth holds an extreme significance in a lot of Asian countries. For people in Bali, tooth filling is a traditional ritual. This procedure is mainly done by teenagers in order to ’ward off evil spirits.’ They also say that after this procedure, those teens are ready for marriage.

Heart-shaped face (South Korea)

It ain't no surprise that South Korea has the largest number of cosmetic procedures in the world per capita. And thanks to that, heart shaped face is in high demand.

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Unibrow (Tajikistan)

You personally may not like it but Unibrow are a huge deal in Tajikistan. They in fact are a traditional sign of beauty. Those girls who were not gifted with bushy eyebrows use a special leafy green herb called ‘usma.’ In such a scenario, they paint between their brows to make them look like a unibrow!