7 Secret Fears That All Men Live With But Never Talk About!

  • 3:17 pm February 16, 2022
  • surabhi

All of us deal with insecurities and fears and while women are known to be confrontational and usually discuss every little thing, men, especially from the older generations still continue to hide their real emotion. Society always has perceived men as the stronger gender so automatically, discussing your inhibitions and fears makes a man less appealing, or so they would think. This has resulted in a lot of men having deep seated fears that never get spoken about. These are some common ones!


Men always have a fear that they will be "shorter" than the others in the room. This fear always exists but they never accept it. Very few men settle for women who are taller than them and even if they do, at some point, that feeling of insecurity always seeps in


No man is secure enough to let jealousy pass by without affecting him. In fact, every little thing that his partner does that can remotely instigate him, he is bound to get affected. Every man is jealous of another man for end number of reasons and love is a primary one!


What really qualifies as being a "man"? Is it the fast cars, being buff, fixing things, not having emotional availability, or just being arrogant? Well, the truth is NONE OF THIS IS REAL. It is really funny how society has made men believe in a certain ideal of being a man. So everytime any man feels he is lacking in any of the "set qualities" he ends up feeling emasculated. Ridiculous, but true!


We all have men in our lives that are shy of expressing their true emotions. Let alone in public, these men don't even do so in their private spaces. That's how ingrained the fear to be expressive is. What is worse is that other men put down these men who try being in touch with their real emotions!


Most men worry about hair constantly. If its not the bunch on their heads and faces, it is perhaps about the ones on their body but the fear is always persistent. Like women, they too go through different changes in their bodies at different times of life. Losing hair is one such phase and it occurs at different times for different people.


If you though only women are interested in the way they look and feel, worry not. Men are equally invested in their looks as well and one of the biggest things that worries them is their body image. So from going on diets to exercising, men take to these activities pretty early in life and stick to it too!