7 Unexpected And Super Interesting facts That You Surely Don't Know...

  • 6:15 pm October 17, 2020
  • suhas

Our world is a mysterious place. There are so many things around us that we have no idea about. Are we ignorant or people are just great at hiding things? Whatever the reason is, here are some super interesting facts that all of you should know!

Hollywood logo

Let's talk about a relatively known fact to ease into things. Hollywood's logo was just an advertisement first. What started as an advertisement ended up being an iconic logo just by chance! Wow!

Gold is edible

Ladies and gentlemen, we aren't kidding! Gold is absolutely edible. And so, you must have seen golden layers on some food items!


Now here's a fun fact about Sharks. They have a super long life. Underwater creatures live a longer life than normal but to learn that sharks have more life. Some of them are older than trees! Yes!

McFlurry spoon

You may not believe this but the spoon of McFlurry is specially designed to make it taste better! Yes, a spoon designed to make ice cream taste better! Irony?

Did you know it had 2 halves?

So there is this mystery about Colgate toothpaste that most of us didn't know! We never knew that the Colgate toothpaste can be cut into 2 halves and it would still retain the essence of being the same. Wow!

President of Israel?

Was the greatest scientist of our world an Israeli president? Well, he was very close to become the President! He was offered the position of being the president of Israel and we wonder why didn't he take that opportunity.

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Country with 0 birth rate

Heard of a country with absolutely nil birth rate? In the year 1983, Vatican city became the only country in the world to have absolutely 0 birth rate! Wow!