8 Amazing Places That Surely Demand Global Attention

  • 3:22 pm August 14, 2020
  • suhas

Our world is a beautiful place and there is a lot to explore. There are tons of amazing places that most of us don't even know about but are yet as worthy as the other popular wonders of the world. Its time we know about that!

Louvre Pyramid, Paris

Every time we hear of a Pyramid, the first country that comes into our mind is Egypt. But what if we told you there is one in France as well? Yes, there's one in Paris and it is outstanding. Anyone who has been to this place will vouch for its magic. The next time you are in Paris, visit the place!

Circle Building, China

This architecture deserves to be a world wonder! I mean how many massive Circular building do we know in this world? Also, let us just tell you that this place is the world’s largest center for raw materials.

Penrose Fountain, USA

Speaking of amazing round marvels, Penrose Fountain, USA. This place can be seen in downtown Colorado Springs. Needless to say, this looks outstanding and exhibits the movements between the atmosphere and earth.

Swinging in Heaven, Turkey

The next time you go to Turkey, experience swinging in the air. Look at the photo and imagine doing this! It will be such an amazing experience, won't it?

Jatayu, India

Jatayu is a Divine bird in Indian epic Ramayana. You'll find a huge sculpture of Jatayu in Kerala, India. This is an extremely pretty place and everybody should visit it once!

Mirror Fountain, USA

How amazing it would be to see a fountain rotate 360 degree and spill out water at the same time. That is precisely the experience that you get when you visit Mirror Fountain!

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Golden Bridge, Vietnam

This is relatively a newer construction and therefore is most talk about in the world. You are literally walking on a bridge that is carried by two massive hands! This is a stunning experience!

Digital Fountain, USA

And lets end things up with a digital fountain in USA. A decade ago, constructing something like this would be considered impossible but this is a reality now and man it looks amazing!