8 Celebs You Didn't Know Were Born Male

  • 11:52 pm September 14, 2020
  • suhas

If you like knowing about celebs, this one is for you. Here we have a list of few celebs who are living the life of a woman now but were actually born male. Take a look and you will know!

The Reality

There are so many celebs out there that you absolutely love. But fortunately or unfortunately, you have no idea about their past. These women who look so damn hot today were once upon a time a man!

Laverne Cox: Orange Is The New Black

Let's start with an extremely popular one. Laverne Cox was the first transgender person in history to be nominated for an Emmy award for her role in Orange is the New Black. She was born a man but while growing up, she kept telling everybody that she is a girl!

Isis King: America's Next Top Model

This America's Next Top Model was a girl for as long as we have known her. When she was a kid and a boy, she did everything that we would imagine a little girl would do. She knew it from a very young age that she is born in a wrong body.

Carmen Carrera: Actress, Model, Dancer

Carmen is one of the hottest women out there today. She first arrived on the scene when featured on season three of Logo TV's RuPaul's Drag Race. After being booted from the show, she underwent gender reassignment surgery hoping to land more TV gigs, but soon realized she was dreaming too small. Rest as they say is history!

Andrej Pejic: The Model You Didn't Know Was Male

Look at her, who would've guessed that she was actually a boy? Back in the year 2007, a man who ran a modeling agency, spotted Andrej serving burgers at a McDonalds in Melbourne, Australia. He was so taken aback by the boy's bone structure and powerful presence that he offered him a modeling job, telling him to call and make an appointment so they could possibly sign him. Yes, today she is a woman!

Caitlyn Jenner

She is arguably one of the most popular converts out there. Currently living as the mother of Jenners and Kardashians, she was actually the father!

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Candis Cayne: Caitlyn Jenner's Bestie

And it wasn't Jenner alone. Its was her bff Candis Cayne as well! Candis started her career as a famous drag queen in New York City through the 1990s, then completed her reassignment surgery in 1997.

Claudia Charriez: Contestant On America's Next Top Model

Here's another one from America's next top model. No search engine will tell you how she got to where she is. The only thing she ever publicly said about her childhood was, "I never had hormone therapy, I was castrated at a very young age."

Lea T: One Of The Most Famous On The Catwalk

"I was hoping I was gay," high fashion model, Leah T said in a interview with Oprah. Yes, she was male when she was born!