8 Cringeworthy Real-Life Prom Fails

  • 12:08 pm June 22, 2018
  • Hazel

There is no question that the main event that we await in the High school is prom. It's typically the only day that we look forward to all our four years of high schooling. And then the teens, as usual, are trying and experimenting new things new themes for prom and sometimes they really do rock the day but there are a hell lot of instances where the experimenting gets awkward. It is surely a very embarrassing memory for the ones who suffer from it but it is a fun to see them that way for us. It's literally the most entertaining compilation you will see all day...

Promoting Gay Rights

What is some fancy dress competition or what? It looks pathetic, this rainbow couple is the worst prom couple for sure. Are they promoting gay rights? This is really cringing!

Doritos Dress

This one looks like she used the leftover packets after the party to Make a dress out of it for her prom. I can't even think of doing such stupidity and them showing it off like this.

A painted dress

This is the most stupid painting I have ever seen this does not qualify as a prom dress. There should be a committee that inspects all the prom dresses so that the teens don't go all crazy with the experimenting!

Is this a beach party?

This seems like they are going swimming for the prom! Like how bad is your prom dress? This is the most stupid bikini ever and then she decided to wear it for the prom and the guy decided to wear swimming props on a suit! Excellent!

No one asked her out!

This is really depressing! She took herself out for the prom and this saddens the daylights out of me. She had to be both, the man and the woman. How bad can your prom actually be?

Again, a gay rights promotion!

This really pisses me off! What are they wearing, Good Lord, save me! This gives me nightmares of looking like a joker on a prom night!

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Unmatched Couple

This is so annoying, they tried to match with each other but it is looking weird. They would have tried something more interesting.

A Sea Monster vibe Is Coming Out

This lady is looking like a sea monster. After seeing her like this rejection is on the way for sure or else the boys will run away.