8 Extremely Popular Celebrities Who Got Arrested For doing Horrible Things!!!

  • 2:07 pm October 18, 2020
  • suhas

In today's world, actors are the new role models of people. They are icons that we dream of growing up to become! Celebs have a great deal of impact on us and we strive to become like them! But here's the deal, they aren't perfect either. They have made mistakes and then paid for those mistakes! Here are some celebs who got arrested for horrible reasons!

Jay Z

Jay Z has this reputation of not being a nice guy. The man shot his brother on his shoulder when he was young but the family kept this to themselves and Jay Z avoided the trial. He's been a notorious human since then. It was in 1999, when he got himself into an altercation with record executive Lance Rivera, for bootlegging and leaking his album, prior to its launch. And then finally when they met again in a nightclub in New York city, Jay-Z hit him with the 5-inch [email protected] in his mid section. He was arrested but came out of it soon thanks to lack of evidence!

Mike Tyson

He was jailed on the charges of [email protected]! An 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant named Desiree Washington stated that he called her into his hotel room and then did the shameful deed! He was sentenced for 6 years of imprisonment but spent only 3 years behind the bars!

O J Simpson

The entire world knows OJ Simspon story! He was charged for ending the life of his wife and her lover! It became the biggest American drama of that time! The case was everywhere!

Will Smith

Will does not have the image of being an out and out wild guy! He is on the better side of the fence to be honest! But back in 1999, he was arrested for aggravated assault and [email protected] [email protected] In an interview following the incident, Smith made it very clear he had no part in fracturing the victim’s eye socket. The charges were eventually dropped. It was his bodyguard who did it!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay has been controversies favorite child! Her twenties were wild, full of things she wasn't supposed to do! This all started in 2007, when she crossed with Mercedes-Benz in Beverly hills and was charged with the mis-demeanour DUI. She got herself in a rehab. In another incident, she was caught for having illegal dr*gs and driving with a suspended license! If all this wasn't enough, she hit the final nail on her own coffin by trying to steal a diamond necklace worth $2500! Finally in 2015, she got free of all the charges!

Hugh Grant

Hugh got arrested for soliciting a pr*stitute. That is the time when he was in a high profile relationship with Elizabeth Hurley.

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Justin Bieber

Just like Lindsay, Bieber has had a troubled past! Right from his teenage years, he's always been controversial! Once in Sweden, police discovered a stun gun and dr*gs in his tour bus. He was just 19 then! Later, he was caught vandalizing with graffiti in Brazil. Then, there was a scandalous egging incident. This happened in LA. This caused him $81,000 for all damages and legal fees. Again, in 2014, he was arrested for DUI, using expired driving license. He's been in a better shape lately and will stay the same hopefully!

Mark Wahlberg

Mark also had an extremely troubled youth! He was charged with attempted murd*r when he was just 16 years old! When he was 16 years old, he beat a middle-aged Vietnamese man knocking him unconscious in the middle of the street using a wind stick. He also attacked a different Vietnamese man on the same day and blinded him in one eye. Crazy, right?