8 Facts Of Science Which Are Crazily True And Bizarre, That You Will Have Issues Believing Them

  • 8:50 am July 31, 2018
  • suhas

There are certain facts scientifically proven which are extremely hard to digest. Never even in our wildest dreams would we have thought of something like this! These facts are so bizarre that it is almost illogical to believe them. Take a look...

This Probability

So sheer concept of probability says that if you are in a room with 70 people, the probability of you sharing your birthday with another person is 99.99%. That means, two in every 70 are born on the same day!

40% Gone!

If statistics are to be believed, humans have killed more than 40% of the wildlife, including animals and plants. Imagine what will be the condition say 100 years from now? That is quite a number that we shouldn't be proud of!

Genghis Khan's Family!

Would you believe if we say that 7-8% of all men from around 17 areas of Asia, share their DNA with one of the most feared conquerors in the world. Genghis Khan? That man was quite a Casanova!

Earth > Milky Way

There are more trees on earth than stars on Milky Way today! Now the point is, we are going through this massive problem of deforestation! Imagine the amount of trees on our planet say 5 to 6 decades ago?


This is another fact which is very surprising! Although not as scientific as others but intriguing nevertheless. There are more public libraries in USA than fast food outlets!

Crazy Farming Fact

So it turns out that the methane gas emitted by the livestock all over the world, cause more damage to the Earth’s atmosphere, than the number of cars in the world. Wow!

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Fastest time to cover distance of one pole to another

Science says that if you get into a free fall from one pole of earth to another, you'll only take 38-42 minutes to complete the journey! And we spend so much time in flights to cover the distance shorter than this!


And finally, an ecological fact! There are more numbers of tigers owned by private owners in US, than there are in the wild. Sad, very sad!