8 Images that Are Trending on Internet For All the Wrong Reasons

  • 5:51 pm October 23, 2020
  • suhas

Internet is a funny place. It is lovely! There are so many things that happen on Internet for almost no reason. Things go viral randomly and before you understand any algorithms, they change. But here are some images that started trending for a reason. And those reasons were wrong!

Super Cool!

This woman genuinely knows how to laugh and stay happy. Only if the entire world had a sense of humor like hers. Super Cool!

Spider Woman > Spider man!

That's it! We are officially in awe of spider woman! Spider Woman > Spider man! We don't care what the world thinks!

Pyramid with a purpose

This Pyramid is clearly with a purpose. Only if we could show you the later part when the man got up!

Life goals, seriously?

So the girl is clearly not a rebel it seems? goof for her maybe? I mean, she clearly had a stress less college life for sure!

Daddy Cool

This daddy seems to be the coolest. Also, look at the reaction of that little girl standing in the left corner!


I can already imagine a lot of FRIENDS fan fuming right now! Me too mates, me too!

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Work From home?

This is what Work From home looks like in 2020. This is 2020 at its best to be honest!

Return of the pirates

No prizes for guessing what is this Pirates trying to capture! No cool Sparrow, certainly not cool!