8 Impossible Things That You Need A Handbook To Understand

  • 11:16 pm June 18, 2018
  • Hazel

In this world there are many things there is no explanation to and it does get a heck lotta confusing when you meet such coincidences. You keep wondering why and the thing just continues to be as it is, but you’ll never know how it started being weird in the first place. We, humans, have bizarre beliefs and expectations and so whenever something unusual happens that we don’t understand, we simply give the God, the credit or say that it is just coincidence, unlike the scientists. We all are not scientists so, chill! Just enjoy the random coincidences…

did I just find Albert Einstein?

Well, I have been wondering all this time about time travel and now I have got proof! I have so many questions to ask him! I want to feed on his genius mind!

Snoopy's real face!

This is how real-life snoopy would look like. Well, I just love dogs in all shapes and sizes and now I have a weird requirement of cartoon-cum real-life doggo!

A weird architecture

Architecture is an awesome thing and for it to work, it has to be a good mixture of not only creativity but also logical. Well, this piece of art right here is the most inconvenient thing you will ever see!

An irrelevant invention!

This is such an amazing thing but also illogical! Best out of waste but a waste because it doesn't serve the purpose! A paper shoe is so illogical!

This statue in the pond is questionable...

This is so absurd! Why the hell would someone built such a stupid statue in a freaking pond? This is really questionable. Who permitted this?

The candle stopped doing it's work

This is really very surprising! How did this even happen? Since when did the candle get to decide to stop doing its work? It has one freaking job!

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How is that even possible?

I honestly have no idea how it ended up there! It is a just awesomely intriguing thing. How did the scissor or the cup get into each other?

Different choices from the same branch

This is an example of how nature is miraculously amazing! Having two options to chose from the same branch is something that nature portrays its options for us and we are the ones to choose the right or the wrong decision.