8 Insane People Spotted On A Subway

  • 6:39 am June 23, 2018
  • Hazel

While everyone else lives a normal life, these people on the Subway live an extraordinary life that will make you feel there is no God to judge them! They act stupendously unimaginable…You wouldn’t think of seeing something like this in your wildest imagination. You cannot just spot them while your daily trips on the subway and so we have made a compilation of the weird people on the Subway.

What human can sit like this?

This might be photoshop, but the way subway acts sometimes, this believable. You might cringe when you see this because that is what the picture defines. That woman is awkwardly flexible.

An Awkward posture

Well, if I am out on a public transport, I will show modesty at all costs. But then how are we gonna get to see some weirdness for entertainment? So, this woman decided to break the stereotypical way of sitting.

What stunt?

This man has a wild way of living. It is like he carries his heart on his sleeve and tries to do a stunt on the subway. I believe this is a stunt position that cannot hold onto for long and I want to see the following outcome.

Is he going for a fancy dress competition?

Is this a Fancy dress competition costume? I think this is going to be the funniest thing on a subway because he doesn't only has the guts to wear that attire but also carelessly sleep while doing so.

Confused fashion!

This one person is so confused about fashion that he doesn't only cross-dress but he also ruins the modesty of fashion itself. This looks funny as hell when you imagine this person just exist around you in a crowded Subway.

All prints are scary!

Who the hell taught this man of fashion? This man is the epitome of weird fashion and an example to be used as the ugly entertaining things in fashion.

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This is Subway not Kitchen

When you don't get time to do the chores at home and the subway is the only place you get your time to chop some veggies for your dinner.

Shameless people

Is it that hot to roam without pants on a Subway? This is not a beach guys...get a life and wear some pants, look a little sober by doing the bare minimum by wearing pants and not wear the bare minimum with eliminating pants from your outfits.