8 Most Prettiest Eyes In The World That Would Surely Mesmerise You

  • 10:58 am July 1, 2018
  • vignesh

There is so much difference in the diversity across the world and its display of genetic difference among the human race has to offer. And having a splendid or captivating 'eye colour' is the most sought after physical trait. While the eyes are easily the most expressive feature of the face and the best asset one can carry, it is perhaps much complex to find the most beautiful eyes in the world.  Everyone is aware that eyes are the window to the soul, and one cannot help but be attracted to the catch of a pair of attractive eyes. After all, they tell you so much about the person just by a simple glance. They could be blue or hazel, brown or black. There is no limit to the beauty of these mesmerising eyes.

How lovely are the two worlds

A firm distinction between warm body and bright eyes how poignant are these eyes which gives so much insight into a person we are surely caught off guarded here.

Can you look away?

Its very difficult to sway away especially when someone has such arresting eyes you think and pause for a moment wondering is this for real, such is the example here, we wonder how.

They have a company

While its quite rare to find people alike that too with the same pair of distinct eyes here we have two people with almost the sat of distinguished eyes, twins for a reason aren't they.

A girl with a tinge of green

It is very often said that one’s eyes are the window to the soul and taking a look at them below, you cannot help but admire the person who said this.

Same is with this girl having magnificent green coloured eyes.

Her eyes tell a story

Whenever we feel that eyes are deceptive more often than not we are right.

These stunning pair of eyes and that vulnerable face speak a lot without uttering a word.

What would you call them

Would you be able to describe this eyes in a single word. This are so particularly spotless that it might leave you completely searching for answers.

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Her eyes are from different world

Her aqua blue coloured eyes are such a visual delight, we just cant take our eyes off her eyes.

This is surely one of our favourites.

Are they even real

There are certain facial features so extraordinary that one refuses to believe that is this even for real, and her eyes surely are a fantasy.