8 Pictures Which Prove Japan Is The Best Country In The World

  • 12:35 pm July 27, 2020
  • vignesh

Japan we all know is a country high on technology. It is famous for its hands on approach to technical advancements.
The bullet trains, the amazing infrastructure is all part of modern Japanese folklore, but the fact which people seem to miss about Japan is its people.
Not only are they warm and welcoming, they inherently seem to be more caring and compassionate as compared to people around the world.
Today, we at Genmice, are going to list out certain such features of the country and its countrymen which would surely warm your heart with kindness.

He made a hand drawn map

A Japanese high ranking officer helped a person who was new to the city with a hand drawn map, since the person was lost in his tracks and was not sure how to navigate in the city.
If only the police personnel in other countries were just as kind.

Receptionists of some other kind

Welcoming guests/tourists to hotels at reception desk is something which countries do. But what separates Japan is that it welcomes people with the help of robots, quite subtly showcasing its technological prowess and making good use of automation.

Time fountain

Having a water fountain is too mainstream so what Japan does is display time through a fountain. They are two steps ahead of other countries when it comes to innovation.

Professionalism met with personal touch

Who said you cant be a good businessman, if you are kind with humans? This handwritten letter from Amazon functioning in Japan proves that the country breaks many myths and that too on a regular basis.

One can drop money in the jar

You are in a shopping mall or a supermarket in Japan, you don't need to fret over paying all the bills at the customer service desk, you could rather drop your money in the jar placed next to the products in the supermarket.
Trust is the operative word in Japan and it is everything.

A bus driver holding an umbrella

Apart from driving the bus for common people, the driver here is seen holding an umbrella for all his passengers who boarded the bus. He thereby ensured that none of them got drenched in the rains.
We are in total awe of this gentleman.

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Japanese fans deserve special mention

Even though France won the Fifa world cup held in 2018, it were the Japanese fans who won a million hearts through their heartwarming gestures.
They cleaned the entire toilet, picked up waste from the stadium post the match and even left a thank you note to the host nation for having them over.
What is not to like about this country!

Bowing down to apologize

It's the Japanese way of saying sorry, when the flight got delayed, all the employees of the airlines bowed down to the passengers asking for forgiveness.
The passengers were so touched by the gesture, that they felt small in front of the staff.