8 Public Toilets All Over The World That Are Going To Disgust You Massively!

  • 10:55 pm November 20, 2020
  • surabhi

Public toilets all over the world are taken care by the local governments. So naturally their condition and state tells a lot about what the local authorities care for. It is so astonishing that even today, most of our public toilets are shamefully disgusting and unimaginable places to be at. Not all of them are for the sanitation reasons though and you will be surprised to read why!


A public toilet in London is following the firefighter theme and we hate to break it to them that this is perhaps the most ridiculous theme we have ever seen. Imagine peeing in a bucket. Now if you have remotely studied physics you know the problem we are imagining at this moment right? Yes, Bounce Back is a real threat!!!


Toilets in developing countries are certainly the worst maintained units ever. Why? Because the local authorities either do not have enough funds or have a lot of excuses to not take care of these places. So what it ends up being is just a really messy place with no cleaning ever - Stains and smell galore!


Okay brace yourself for the Chinese toilet trivia coming up. Choquing - a place that went out of its way to build a 1000 toilet set up. This 4 storey public restroom is spread over 30,000 sq ft and has urinals in all possible designs - including Virgin Mother, curvaceous women, reptiles, animals etc. What is this strange fascination?


The ice museum of Seoul went a tad too ahead of itself and built an ice toilet. Yes you are going to freeze on it. Now it not just caters to the purpose of its existence but has also become a great selfie point. Weird much?


Okay not sure if this is a good concept or not but here is what this is. In Reykjavik, Iceland there is a public toilet where you have pictures inside the urinal so you can directly aim and shoot at the images. Great way to vent but not sure how hygienic this is going to be in the long run!


In Malawi, East Africa, they actually use waste materials like dried up hay and construction residue to build public toilets. These are maintained by the local tribes.

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Okay no one knows why China thought it was okay to not give people privacy while peeing and pooping. At least toilet business should be a private, personal space one would assume right? But guess China thinks otherwise!


More beer means more pee. So naturally in a country like Netherlands where beer flows like water, they had to be conscious and build a lot of public urinals. Only issue here is that all of these are so close to each other that you can literally make friends just like that, while peeing!