8 Riddles That Can Boost Your Thinking Skills

  • 9:51 pm July 25, 2018
  • suhas

Solving riddles is possibly the best form of exercise you can put your brain through. Checkout these riddles and see if you are smart enough to solve these problems which by the way will also boost your thinking abilities!

These Images

Look at these picture. Do you see each and every single thing in the picture on your right in the picture on your left?


Here's the answer, did you get all of them?

The Replacement

Which figure do you think should actually replace the question mark? Think about it, it's actually simple.


So here it is! Did you think of it in this manner? I told you it wasn't that difficult!

Which One???

So this one is again not very difficult! One of the spirals consists of 2 separate parts. Can you tell which one?


Here's your answer. A little more focus and you could've aced it!

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Star Like That

Now this might be a very difficult one to handle. Do you see a star up there? A perfect 4-pointed star, like the one at the top of this picture, is hidden among the squares and triangles. Try and find that if you can!


Yes, it was indeed difficult, very difficult. If you successfully found it, you are a genius!

Joined Hearts

Look at this one. Here, there are 4 couple of hearts which are joined together, can you find them?


I got them, did you?


Which of these glasses have more water compared to others?


Well, very logical, isn't it?


This one is again a very logical question! If teapot А can contain 32 cups of tea. How many cups of tea can teapot В contain? Think about it. Look at the picture properly and think!


I told you guys the the answer is very logical!

The Cross!

Can you find a totally symmetrical cross in this picture? It exists, trust me!


Well, It did exist you see!