8 Scientifically Impossible Places That Exist For Real!

  • 10:03 am February 17, 2021
  • suhas

Our world is beautiful. It has so many places that are awe strikingly gorgeous. But at the same time, there are certain places which, according to our science, cannot exist and yet they do! Can you imagine how crazy these places would be? Here are some of them!

Kawah Ijen

This place looks absolutely magical. In Indonesia, a sulfur mine was built in the side of a volcano, but there’s no danger of eruption. This volcano is absolutely Dormant and cannot cause harm. But at night a neon-blue substance spills down its side, flowing like a river of lava. This phenomenon is caused by the sulfur being mined from within the volcano. Stunning, right?

Hessdalen Lights

You must have heard of Hessdalen lights for sure. In the rural central of Norway over the Hessdalen valley floating lights of white, yellow and red cross in the night sky are Hessdalen lights. So why do they exist? Since at least the early 1930s people have spotted the lights and are wondering what could be causing them. Some researchers believe they may be caused ionized iron dust, but tests have not been conclusive.

Bermuda Triangle

It isn't something that people have not heard about! In fact, Bermuda Triangle may just be the most popular place on this list! Triangle between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico form this infamous Triangle. While many ships frequently pass through and commercial and private aircrafts routinely fly over there is the odd time when they simply seem to vanish. There is a lot of confusion regarding its reality. There are some that believe the disappearances are tied to the lost city of Atlantis which they believe lies deep beneath the tropical cyclone-rich area. Others believe that magnetic anomalies may confuse compasses in the area, causing crafts to become lost. Whatever the reason may be, people are scared to pass through this place!

Boiling River

Yes, there exists a river as hot as 196F (91.1° Celcius). Usually for a river to reach this temperature it must be in close proximity to a volcano, but the nearest one Is nearly 700km away. So what is the reason behind such hot water??? Scientists believe there may be a fault line beneath the earth that causes the phenomena, but they are yet to prove the theory. Strange!

The Petrifying Well

A mere look at this well is petrifying, isn't it? In North Yorkshire, England one of the UK’s oldest ‘Pay to Enter’ tourist attractions on the banks of the Nidd River. This one was believed to be cursed for a very long time. The strangest thing, however, is that anything the water of the cave touches turns to stone. Items left near the cave seem to magically turn to stone in amazingly little time. Nope, we aren't kidding. Nobody really knows why this happens!

Underwater Park

There exists an underwater park and it is absolutely stunning. Near the Hochschwab mountains in Austria, there is a beautiful park with benches and walking trails. It can be explored in midsummer and autumn. Then the park and town of Tragoss become buried in snow during the icy winters. How do you explain its existence?

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Never-Ending Lightning Storms

You must have surely heard of this place as well. In Western Venezuela, over the Catatumbo river, lightning storms begin nearly every night from seven o’clock at night until near dawn. It can occur more than 260 night out of the year as lightning streaks across the sky over the water. Even this one sounds petrifying, doesn't it? It was once believed that the uranium in the bedrock may have contributed to the storms, but this was later disregarded as an unlikely theory. Wow!

Devil’s Kettle

This is one of the strangest waterfalls in the world. It exists on the north shore of Lake Superior, in Minnesota. This strange waterfall splits into two due to the rock formations which cause half of the Brule River to continue on and the other half disappears into a pothole. Strange, right? Researchers have yet to determine where this flow reconnect as dyes, ping pong balls and other objects thrown into the devil’s kettle do not reappear. Wanna pay a visit?