8 Super Risky Apps That You Should Delete Immediately From Your Smartphone...

  • 2:33 pm December 7, 2020
  • suhas

Can you imagine your life without your smartphone anymore? Of course not. In fact, our phones have become our life! But these phones have taken away our privacy as well. There are so many apps sitting in your smartphone right now that should be deleted immediately because they are super risky! Here are some of them!


Do you use optimizers in your phone? They are suppose to take care of your phone, clean the cache and help you out with the memory! The modern phones have usually this inbuilt in it which is useless, plus it eats up your battery and it also annoys you with the ads. So uninstall it perhaps?

Defragmentation apps

Using these apps has become super popular as well. Now you don't have a hard drive in your phone so they can only analyze how much space certain programs take up. These apps are more creepy because it uses your phone’s resources and can collect your personal data. Now none of us want that, do we?

Lie detectors

If you do, why do you even have a lie detector app in your phone to begin with? Also, why could an app like this can possibly need your contacts? But guess what, they won't work unless you give them access to your contacts. Super infringement of your privacy!

Social media

Okay, you may hate us for this and also may not believe us but social media apps are not very helpful for your phone. Apps like Facebook take a lot of power in your battery while it is on. We are only talking about the mobile version of the app. Now pair it up with twitter and Pinterest! Imagine!

Built-in browsers

Most of these browsers are the one that we hardly ever use. They just take a lot of space and slows down your phone. So it is just better to get rid of them sooner than later!

Browsers with additional features

There are additional browsers with lucrative features like watching videos and streaming. But these apps have two major risks. Too many adds and permission for almost everything in your phone. This is a compromise on your privacy and super dangerous for your battery!

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Weather Apps

Almost all of us have weather apps in our phone. they have just become super popular! But mind you, these apps have tons of viruses! For instance, an app had an inbuilt trojan in it that used to collect the data from the owner's phone and sent it to the hackers. These hackers were mostly interested in credit card data. So we would rather not have them in our phone, right?

Apps for increasing the amount of RAM

There are plenty of apps in the market that claim to increase your RAM. You cannot get more RAM than your phone already has. These are just scams to trick you into installing harmful viruses! So beware!