7 Unique Things That Are Considered Beautiful In Different Countries Around The World

  • 11:14 am October 5, 2020
  • suhas

Different countries have different criteria of 'Pretty'. The definition is just different everywhere. Every country that you visit hold the capacity of surprising you. The mere difference of 'What Is Considered Beautiful' in different countries is extremely intriguing. This is what is considered beautiful in different countries!


Not a lot of countries consider Unibrows as the most attractive feature. But that is not the case with Tajikistan. In fact, unibrows is a huge deal in Tajikistan. Also, looking at this photo, we can see why!

Pale Skin

Some parts of China are very high on Pale skin color. People with pale skin are considered super pretty! Women look forward to having this colored skin.

Heart Shape Face

Believe it or no but Korea has normalized the surgery culture. People there are super fond of heart shape face! People legit pay to get face structure like that!

Long Forehead

A tribe in Africa has a very strange definition of beauty according to global standards. Women with long forehead are considered super pretty compared to the ones with smaller ones.

Crooked Teeth

Japan is a super country and everything that happens here is different from other countries. According to a poll conducted by a local company in Japan, women with crooked teeth are considered prettier than the ones with straight teeth!

Long Neck

Burma women are often seen wearing this metal rings on their necks and they are known as giraffe women. Long neck is a fashion statement out there! In fact, there are ladies who wear it at a very early age and do not remove it to achieve long neck!

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Excess Weight

In Mauritania, women with excess weight are considered far prettier than women with less weight. In fact, it is easier for parents to find a partner for their daughter if she has some extra kilos going for her!