These 8 Weird Fashion Items Will Turn Your Heads For Sure!

  • 2:34 pm June 3, 2021
  • surabhi

Fashion is a personal choice we often hear, however, some people just have a very outrageous fashion side to their personality. From weird looking pants, to brain for caps, these guys have it all covered. On the onset, one will never be able to understand what went behind making this a fashion statement, however sometimes, it is good to give them a chance to make us laugh!


These track pants are designed to seem like they are multipurpose, but the reality is far from it. This I-decided-to-wear-shorts-but-wore-track pants-instead-look is not working. Even the most fashionable people in the world would perhaps frown down upon this weird looking bottom. Wonder what caused this absurdity!


An ideal, powerful, office suit decided to get married to a rogue denim overalls and created a baby - something that looks like this abomination. Why a designer would merge the two clearly distinct styles and create this jacket, is beyond us. But they did and it sure looks like something we will definitely give a miss!


This weird Quinn's Scuba Suit is something every man should stay far away from. Not just does it make you very desirable with female sharks - Look closely you will see the protruding supports right there! This suit also makes you repulsive to human females. In other news, it sure will be a good way to swim the underwater animals while looking like them!


Some people surely take the emojis they are sent quite seriously. We'd like to believe that is what happened with this woman too. She seems at ease, dressed in this poop emoji outfit with weird - weapon looking boots. At first, we thought that she randomly wrapped a duvet around her and was walking around the streets, but on looking closer, we are convinced she looks like this emoji - 💩. What do you think?


This person must be a genius. He has literally repurposed his coke bottles for creating this weird, but totally innovate slippers. Now whether he survives walking his distance or bleeds because of the plastic cuts is a whole different story. But the fact that his human brain thought that this could be a good idea, makes us want to cry!


This image was posted on social media by the guy and he literally mentioned that this is the gift his parents decided to give him on his 25th birthday. He clearly seems like he is waiting for magic to begin!

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Is it a brain? Is it a skull cap? It isssss a brain cap!

Perhaps this girl decided to take a spin off on the adage brainy and beautiful. She decided to literally make herself a beanie with brains showing on it. Also that pink, flesh colored yarn really did no good to this design.


Trump may be temporarily gone but he surely left a mark on our minds - positive or negative is subjective to personal opinion! Turns out, an outrageous online shopping mall decided to do a spin off with Donald Trump's face plastered over a women's swimsuit body. We thought the front looked outrageous enough, and then we saw the back!