9 Bizarre Things About North Korea You Are Probably Unaware Of!

  • 4:03 pm July 4, 2018
  • Hazel

North Korea is indeed a bizarre country and we are already familiar with its bizarre politics. Who doesn't know about Kim Jong Un? Well, everyone knows how he runs the country. With a ruler so weird, the nation is probably weirder and we know for a fact that the people who live there go through the hardest times. The rules made are quite bizarre in itself. The random things that we do here are surprisingly illegal there, not just that... Some things are illegal here is legal in North Korea. You might be in confusion as to what the heck might be the situation there. Well, no one really knows but we are sure it doesn't look good at all! Let's just be grateful that we are not a part of it or have to deal with such bizarre nonsensical rules. Here we have compiled some of the craziest facts...

Has the largest military in the World

North Korea has the largest military in the world even though it is a comparably small country.

There are approximate 7.7 million active and reserve soldiers in the military of North Korea. And comparatively, the U.S has 1.5 million.

Largest Stadium

The capital of North Korea, Pyongyang has the largest stadium in the world, Rungrado 1st of May Stadium.

Which serves its purpose, soccer matches, and the Arirang Festival, large gymnastics and art festival. It was also used to punish the people who went against Kim Jong Un.

It's the year 105 in North Korea

Yes, you heard right! In North Korea, it is the year is 105. North Koreans use a different calendar from the rest of the world, and why not? Everything happens according to the King there. He can surely change the years.

The calendar is based on the birth of former leader Kim Il-sung, April 1, 1912.

Teachers Learnt Accordion

All the teachers were supposed the learn the accordion, In the 1990's. This is called the “people’s instrument” in North Korea because it’s easy convenient and is often played while people do hard manual labor.

And teachers in North Korea have to learn it and lead their classes in pro-North Korean propaganda songs at the beginning of the day.

Appearance of an election

The citizens of North Korea are given the appearance of an election. In every 5 years, elections are held, giving people a chance for them to say their leader's name.

And of course, the people are only given one option. To vote against the one name on the ballot, a person must reach for a red pen in sight of election officials who make note of the person voting against a particular candidate. How clever!

They have only 3 television channels

In North Korea, they have only 3 television channels, two of them are only available in the evening of weekends.

It is very tightly controlled by the government, showing programs and news broadcasts that the government approves of!

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Blue Jeans is not allowed

North Korea is indeed the most bizarre nation and it has some weird rules and regulations for their citizens and one such rule is that people there are not allowed to wear blue denim jeans as the King says that it is a symbol of American capitalism in North Korea. To prevent the American influence they banned the Blue Jeans.

Sanctioned haircuts

Kim Jong Un is so very possessive about everything that even the daily lives of people and their preferences is controlled by him. Where only 28 sanctioned haircut designs, men have only 10.

We never knew this

It is widely speculated that Kim Jong II started walking when he was just 3 weeks old, we can digest other stuff about Korea but this one seems a far-fetched thought even from their own imagination.