9 Common Recurring Nightmares Which One Must Have Experienced!

  • 5:45 pm March 6, 2018
  • vignesh

We surely have!

Falling Jerk

This is one of the most common nightmares which we experience, a feeling which everyone can relate to that we are falling from a cliff.

Flying in the air

That feeling when you are literally in the air and you cant sum up that moment, up in the air. You feel you are flying high and your feeling like a superman.

Being Naked

That feeling when you lie bare without any clothes yes absolutely naked, such a weird feeling to have while sleeping and you sometimes even feel that you are walking naked all around the place and you don't know why.

Arriving Late

This is one nightmare which never leaves us, always arriving late, I mean when will we get rid of this. You feel like something has left us and you feel lonely and dejected.

Being Chased

That strange feeling when you constantly feel you are being chased , how could you help yourself then . That feeling that someone is chasing you while your running like cheetah.

Night Cramp

That horrid feeling when you wake up suddenly and get night cramps, God save me from this trauma. When you are in deep sleep you don't know what is happening until your leg doesn't move and you get cramps.

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When the ship is sinking, hold on to it a little more tighter, but what can be done when you are sleeping, nothing much we assume. That feeling of drowning under a big ocean which you are afraid of.


How could one possibly explain the feeling of dying while you are sleeping, nothing can. That feeling when in your dreams you dream you are dead and you can't feel your body.


Can someone free me from this trap, can someone please let me get my freedom back, that is exactly our feeling when we are trapped, that too while sleeping.