9 Couple's Hilarious Sense Of Humour

  • 11:33 pm September 2, 2018
  • Hazel

Couples who are in love with each other, enjoy each other's company. A perfect love is not only completing each other's sentences but also understand and enjoy each others sense of humor. We've heard that a man who can make his lady laugh is a man to keep, same things goes to find a perfect woman. Couples should not only be in love with each other, showing each other their love and proving their love for each other but also laughing and having fun with each other. These couples have set an example for all the couples, lovers out there to have fun and keep the mystery alive in their relationships

Wedding day vs met a star

This picture of the couple on the left side and the other picture on the right side is really hilarious as the lady in the pictures is smiling in the picture with her favourite star, Rob Lowe and looks irritated in the picture of her wedding day with her husband.

Happy accidents

Well, how far can you go to be creative when you have share the good news to your husband? This woman took creativity to the next level as she kept the sonography reports inside the book named, "happy little accidents"

Jeff Goldbum From the Jurassic Park

This guy has literally taken his girlfriend's words. When she said to her boyfriend on their first date that she loved Jeff Goldbum so much that she wanted to have a giant painting of him, she was only joking but 4 months later she was surprised and in a way mocked when her boyfriend actually gifted her the giant painting.

Nope, she's not mad!

When a boyfriend asked his girlfriend if she's mad because she looked irritated, He asked, “Are you mad at me?” the girlfriend replied... “No, I even left you some pizza.” The leftover pizza was what left for him. Lol!

Least manly shot!

It is always fun to capture things that are funny candidly. This picture of this man launching fireworks is the funniest candid you’ll ever see. He said, "My wife managed to capture the least manly shot of me launching fireworks."

The cruel smile

This guy took a picture of his wife running from the frame that they decided in. This picture was going to be a adorable picture of the little baby but ended up capturing the mischievous expression.

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Hair extensions

Her boyfriend took her hair extensions and attached it to his hair and it looks incredibly hilarious. I wonder what would happen when he is left with the makeup.

The bounce house

This is the best wedding ever. Bungee jumping and all is something else,but this jump house is very kiddish and these guys are definitely having fun on the auspicious wedding day.

Poor cat!

This is so funny. This girl should realize really quick that the cat doesn't like the squishy hug. That cat is literally suffocated by her hug.