9 Craziest Things Sold In Japanese Vending Machines!

  • 10:20 am July 29, 2018
  • suhas

Japan may be one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but they have some really absurd ideas of life. Probably this is why their vending machines dispense some rather unusual stuff - rodents, insects, underwear included!


Japan is a country of opportunities - everyone knows this. However, what most don't know is that the country had a very weird system of selling women and their phone numbers on a vending machine. While ofcourse, most of these numbers fail to connect or are either already changed, but imagine if they did - it would be the fastest way to connect to women...and well, umm, promote a trade which is not very beneficial to society!


Sake is Japan's alcoholic drink and while shops need an ID before you purchase the same, vending machines very weirdly don't. So you can buy and consume sake from a vending machine without any ID!


Okay this is borderline Bizzare!

If like us, you too thought who would be interested in used women underwear, well think again. Well, it was also said that these were not really used but only made in a way to seem used!


While we understand the love for lettuce, we don't really get the need to have large vending machines for the same. Japanese love their lettuce and they would do anything to procure it...even if it means stock in a vending machine!


Flying fish soup is a delicacy, mind you and if you are Japanese you'd know that this is used in specific dishes. It's not just a can of fish soup. It's essentially has a fish floating in water. It gives the water a fishy taste and it's meant to be added to certain food preparations. And yes, you can find these soups at a vending machine.


Japanese culture has some customs which may seem obnoxious to the outer world, but turns out the reasons for the same are pretty sane. Now, the Japanese markets are lined with vending machines that sell adult toys, lubes and vibrators etc. This promotes safe sex in a way!

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China has a very bad history with its animals and now turns out Japan is following suit. Well atleast they are not keeping these pups in vending machines, but they yet have the closet concept where these little ones await their new owners. Pathetic!


Japanese believe that going out in the rain without an umbrella is as bad as an ill omen. So they have installed vending machines at different points that dispense out umbrellas.


Imagine going to a vending machine and getting a live lobster out in seconds? Well, since it is in such huge demand, it doesn't really seem like a bad idea!