9 Household Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easy

  • 4:44 pm September 1, 2018
  • Hazel

When you are in need of a lifesaver trick and you run out of ideas, you feel search the internet to guide you but then you are not met by your need, but this article might be of great help if you are in need of a lifesaver. Tricks, hacks, tips call it whatever you wish but they are quite helpful and doesn’t cost a dime. You might think that this is something that might be only useful in weird situations, but then these tricks are timeless, you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Fake buttons

This trick will not only save your life, but it will even surprise you. Did you ever wonder what good does a earring do, except for the cool ornament that it is? Well, if you are wearing a deep necked top and you are in urgent need for buttons, then this will come as a life saver. Use it as a clothespin which will hold the clothes together while giving away an illusion of it being buttons.

Paper cups

Well, this was the need of the hour but is useful at anytime you want. Use the paper cup when your radio’s broken and you’re struggling to hear your podcast or just when you need to listen to your favourite song in the loud traffic using a paper cup.


What the most bizarre thing you might have thought of paperclips being helpful in? Picking locks maybe... Well, this one will get your Christmas going... Just use paperclips to hang those Christmas ornaments on the tree as an alternative to hooks.

Lens case

What do you do when you don't want to carry your whole makeup around and seem like psycho? You carry little amounts of it. You can use a contact lens case to carry as a travel container for moisturizers and creams.

A fork

A fork doesn't really look that useful except when you don't know how to eat noodles with those chopsticks. But there is nothing to back that taco up with maintaining those stuff inside, to keep it upright together. A fork can do that just right if you use it wisely.

A pamphlet...

Do you get annoyed if you have to move in and out of your hotel room and you have put your card every time? Well, this life saver hack puts an end to all the hassle. Just put anything in the hotel key power thing.

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So, we often get confused with which one of the earbud of our earphones is the right one or left. You can use different colored ear-tips to differentiate left and right effectively.

Mini showel

Ever wondered ho wto clean your sliding door? It is possibly the most dusty place and we don't even notice it. To clean it you can make a mini-shovel to clean the rail tracks of your sliding door with a brush and it won't really be much dusty if you do that regularly with the help of foil, skewer stick, and electrical tape.


If a key chain is stuck on the door and the frame of the door then you can very easily hang stuff there and it is guaranteed to carry it properly.