9 Interesting Facts About Your Favourite Brands You Didn’t Know

  • 5:31 pm July 4, 2018
  • Hazel

When you talk about brands you talk about the purpose it serves for and how well it is at it. While we don’t realize most of the things that these brands do to meet our needs and sometimes for their own convenience. There are many strategies that they work on for the good promotion of their brands. And keeping in mind where they are, itself explains their strategies worked well. Be it electronics or a food chain, they all strive to pursue the top post among their competitors. They even manipulate us and sell their goods on their terms and conditions. Here are just some facts that are actually quite interesting to know, and you are probably unaware of!


Today Google is the most famous search engine and it is also very helpful. Before it was named Google, before the launch, the founders had named it BackRub. They later changed it to Google.

The word 'Google' is a version of ' Googol' which is a representation of a mathematical term.


Apple iPhone is a luxury item, with its superb features and high prices it is more of a rich people's toy, rather than just a convenience. The most famous feature on the Apple phones is Siri. You can talk to Siri and she will act as an assistant to you through technology.

She is limited to technology, but for her to work effectively, the Apple company records literally everything that we speak to her. This is to analyze and revise the customer service.


So, Volkswagen is quite famous and we already know why. But what we might not know is that Lamborghini, SEAT, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche, and Škoda, all these ultra modern and luxury cars that are worth spending a fortune for which are classy and awesome, are actually owned by Volkswagen? Jhatka?


Out of all of the facts, this one is surely going to gross you out! Here it goes, Robert Augustus Chesebrough, the owner of Chesebrough Manufacturing Company, followed this weird ritual daily. He literally consumed a spoon of Vaseline every day because he had a lot of confidence in his product.

By his lifetime, he religiously followed this.


Today, McD has outlets all over the world and its menu has many choices you can choose from. Since 1940 it has well evolved and when it was first opened, there were only specific items on the menu which consisted of golden French fries, cheeseburger, coffee, cola, etc.


There is a special rule that the employees of Amazon have to follow where when an employee completes two years in the firm has to work at the customer service department for two days to get a better understanding of the customer service process. Even the CEO Jeff Bezos has to do this.

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Who doesn't love sipping a chilled Coca-cola? It is loved worldwide, but there is a very funny instance when Coca-Cola launched in China. The in-charges had a hard time when they were transliterating Coca-Cola. One term meant “female horse fastened with wax” while the other was “bite the wax tadpole.” Thankfully they settled on the word 'ke kou ke le' which means Delicious Happiness.


Starbucks is literally for the youth to show off! It sells the best kind of coffee and own outlets worldwide. If you have ever been there, you must have noticed that they have round tables.

But this doesn't limit to match the interior and set a vibe or something this is because Starbucks believes that roundtables will make the customers feel homely. They made sure that you feel comfortable if you visit alone.

That's so caring Starbucks!


Not many people may know this, that Mark Zuckerberg is partially color blind he suffers from red and green color blindness.

We might have thought that there is a big theory behind this color choice for Facebook. But in reality, this is the only color that Mark could see.