9 Mysteries Of These Wonders Of The World Are Still Hidden From Us

  • 3:16 pm May 18, 2021
  • surabhi

Wonders Of The World are destinations that we have studied about since our childhood. Most of us even harbor an innate desire to travel to these places and witness them in real life. While most of what we know is the basics and common knowledge, there are a lot of things that still remain unknown to most part of the world. These nine secrets of the world's most popular wonders will really stun you!


Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is a world famous icon and while it has been adopted and recreated multiple times, there are only few copies that leave back a certain charm. One of these versions is called the Isleworth Mona Lisa. The oil on canvas painting came into limelight in 1913 when it was purchased by an English connoisuer from a mansion where it was said to be hanging since many years. While there have been many debates on who is the creator of this piece, many collectors believe that it could have been an earlier version of Da Vinci's work!


This is perhaps the most photographed location in the world and almost everyone who visits this place or drives by it, takes a moment to capture some on location moods. But the truth is this orange beauty was supposed to be black with yellow stripes so that it would be visible from a far off distance. The architect however, convinced the Navy to go with the color orange and rest as they say is history!


Gustav Eiffel constructed the Eiffel tower in 1889 for the Universal Exposition in Paris. The tower, apart from being a major tourist attraction, also harbors a lot of secrets. Like for instance, on the top floor, there is a museum that used to once be home to the chief architect and father of Eiffel Tower, Gustav Eiffel. In one of the stories from this home even Thomas Edison visited and chatted with the architect. The apartment today has a kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms, and a living room, and, of course, boasts spectacular views.


Big Ben in London is famous all over the world. The towering clock building is much more than an iconic landmark. The Westminster clock was inaugurated in 1856 with representations of all four nations under United Kingdoms. While it has been called a lot of things - The Bell Tower of the Palace of Westminster,The Elizabeth Tower etc. no one really knows how and when the name "Big Ben" originated!


The Dutch painter Rembrandt was known for his flawless works and often used his wife Saskia van Uylenburgh as his inspiration for the paintings. In his work Danae, however, there seems to be something different about the main female character. Other images made supposedly in the same period as this one, had a clear imagery of the wife. However Danae seemed like a whole different person. When further probe was initiated, it was noticed that this was because during the time of painting this, the painter was having an affair with another woman called Geertje Dircx. Thus the woman in Danae, has features of both of Rembrandts favorite women!


The Statue of Liberty was a gift to USA by the people of France in honor of the 100th anniversary of the American Revolution. The statue symbolizes some key values that are ideal for running a nation. It symbolizes freedom, democracy, and the repeal of slavery. For this reason alone, there is a chain lying lose at the feet of the statue.

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There is more to Pisa's credit than just the leaning tower. In fact it was supposed to be a building associated to the city's cathedral. The structure took almost 200 years to complete. Historians claim that the plan was developed by Bonanno Pizano. Even though there have been many people claiming rights to the baptistry located right next to the tower!


Named after the Swiss Alps Matterhorn, this version of the mountains is a little more mysterious that it seems. Unlike the original one, this one has a storage attic where you can stage climbing exercises, basketball etc. Those who want to practice or on days where it rains, the party moves indoors!


This is one of the oldest statues in the world. This site was originally decorated with bright paint. Some of these remains can still be spotted on the statue. The sphinx would have nose, beard, etc. The original version of the sphinx could have also been similar to that of a lion or a dog - some of the best historians believe. No wonder today the Sphinx looks weird with a gigantic body and a rather small head!