9 Individuals Share the Most Disturbing Things They Experienced at School!

  • 11:45 pm September 20, 2020
  • suhas

School life is one of the most memorable times of everybody's life. Most of us remember it for all the good memories but then some people also experienced strange things in their school life. These are some people who shared the disturbing experiences in their school!

On The Spree

Not everybody's school life is as awesome as most of us think it would be! Some people go through life altering experiences and not in a very good way. This is clearly one such example.


Fights are a very integral part of everybody's school life. They happen and they happen regularly. But this one is a little extreme!

Intense Fighting this Time!

This sure is a long description of another fight in the school but definitely worth a read if you wanna know about how bad things can get sometimes!

Mental Health

This one s a classic example of deteriorating mental health. you never really know who is suffering from what around you!.

Powerful girl!

We have this habit of often underestimating girls around us in school. Never do that! Also, as mentioned earlier, fights are a non avoidable part of everyone's school life!

The Pervy One

And then of course all of us have had that one Pervy dude that nobody likes and everybody wishes to hit him. This one just messed up with wrong dudes' sister!

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Irrespective of what their age is, psychopaths are everywhere. If you haven't really met with one, consider yourself immensely lucky! Not everybody is this lucky though!


So this got pretty serious pretty soon! Totally an unexpected twist in the plot if I may say so! Very tragic though!


If those girls thought it was funny, it wasn't. It was a borderline assault. Poor girl must've been in such terrible mental space then!