9 Photos Captured At The Wrong Moment

  • 7:58 pm June 22, 2018
  • mariam

People often captures important moments in our lives so that we can look back on them and remember the good times there we had. We get caught up in clicking such pictures that it makes us feel embarrass to reveal. While some of us trying to get busy certain moment in time. We forget that moments which are not appropriate and cause uproar around us. The people that took them and have left their phone or camera in their bags instead of snapping shots of what was going on around them.

I know what you are thinking

This is not what you are thinking. Looks like it is her another leg but actually, it is a car seat. You know how dirty your mind works now! This is a clear picture!

Damn, he's enjoying!

This is so perverted. Seems like the girl is enjoying! This is why I don't like to be around animals. This pervert literally took his chance with the girl.

What game is this?

This is so creepy! Why is the hell he watching his rare like that? This is so perfectly timed. Seems like they are enjoying this. This seems fun!

Basket Ball Or Nose Digging Competition

This basketball match turned creepy with this moment which is so crazy. One player who used strategy to lose them and he put his finger in the nose and tried to distract

Beyonce caught off guard

Well, celebrities are humans and they make different expressions that are creepy just like we do. We have a misconception that the celebrities always look pretty but this is not true. Even they give ugly expressions just like us.

Perfectly timed Picture

This picture is clicked at the perfect time and place. It looks like the bird is going to get killed and the photographer was all set to capture this photo.

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Politician got trapped

A very famous politician trying to talk to the army people but this photo was captured at the wrong moment and looks really weird and must have created a headline in media.

Bird is taking its revenge

This little boy day with an ice cream got ruined but the little one doesn't know that it is his lucky day. It is looking like he is so frightened.

Security with duty having fun too

This girl is running towards her favorite sportsman but here the scenario is totally different captured on the field. It looks like guys having actual fun.