9 Amazing Secrets Behind Popular Magic Tricks Revealed Right Here!

  • 9:54 am May 25, 2021
  • surabhi

Magicians have a tendency to play with our heads. Even when the tricks are quite regular and not larger than life, they still tend to mess our heads up pretty bad. So much so that many people actually believe that it is the truth. In reality, it is nothing but illusion and some really smart work. These magicians create wonderful, yet practical scenarios, and play it out in front of you in such a way that it looks out of this world. Here are a few tricks that will leave you astounded!


This is a popular illusion trick used by most magicians at some point in their careers. The key to this is walking on a translucent platform under the water. So the next time you see some person walking out of nowhere on water, know that there is a platform beneath them. The person ain't no Jesus!


Card tricks are the oldest one in the history of magic. One of the tricks has a magician asking the audience to choose a card and sign on it. Place it in the stack. He then proceeds to pick the same card and tear it, only to "bring it back" moments later. Now the reality here is something different. It involves a fake card, the magicians swift hands and the general inobservance of the audience members!

$1 t0 $100

If this only really happened, magicians wouldn't be so broke already. Now, what simply happens here is a play of mind against time. The movement of taking a $1 bill and sliding it inside your hands, at the same time replacing it with a $100 bill without anyone so much as noticing, is a real trick!


Obviously this does not really happen. There are 2 screens used for this purpose and can only be performed when the audience is far away from them. As the performance starts, the magician's assistant moves the mirror to the back and asks to power through the slices of glass, which he has now placed in front. Turns out, there is no damage needed to be done for this and the trick is super easy peasy. As the lights turn back on, the original mirror comes back!


This one can go wrong in seconds and still it is one of the most sought after trick. Reason being its intrigue value. Most magicians are known to be excellent in body control. They align their throat, food pipe and stomach in a single straight line and then do this trick. Ofcourse it requires a lot of practice, psychological and physiological!


David Copperfield, the famous magician, performed this trick back in 1983. Right in front of the statue a screen was placed. But behind the screen that the audience could see was another screen. Once the lights went out, the spotlights around the statue came on as usual. An airplane flew over the statue and then the magic began. All the magician then did was pretend like he was doing a lot of work. But in reality it was just playing around with some visuals!

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Everyone must have seen this trick in person atleast once in their lives. Turns out, when the magician goes underwater and gets chained by the assistance, they actually leave a few hinges out loose. What he then needs to do is pretend to get out of the clasp and then eventually, just force through in despair. Making it look dramatic has additional points ofcourse!


This works only when the audience is seated far away from the magician, and preferably at a lower level. The trick is quite simple - The magician functions throughout the piece with a mock lower body. His own body is visible till the torso, but beyond the waist, everything is hidden within a box. Once the lights go out, all he needs to do is move the fake bottoms out to spook people!


Meditation elevates people - mentally, not necessarily physically. But a lot of magic men - godmen etc. have used illusion to fool a lot of people. This floating sadhu trick is one used widely in India a lot. The godman is indeed suspended, but he is supported by a whole mechanism that helps him reach these heights - quite literally. All he does is sit, press a button and wait for the process to begin!