9 Things You Need to Let Go of Completely to Be Truly Happy

  • 11:07 pm August 21, 2018
  • suhas

Being happy is an art. No one can teach us this art. We are responsible for our own happiness. There are a lot of things keen for total happiness. You have to let go of certain things, expectations, emotions etc and here we have assimilated all those things in our list! Take a look!

Guilt, regrets, and the past

Understand that everyone has a past that can never be changed, so instead of thinking about it, just work on your present to make your future beautiful! We all make mistakes, that’s just the way life is.

Thinking that the world Extreme

Nothing in this word is extreme. No one in this world is too good or too bad. And most importantly, no one expects you to be that either!


Jealousy is one of the worst emotions that we humans have. It will ruin the most beautiful relationships of your life! Being jealous of someone’s success or happiness makes you unhappy. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, because your lives, backgrounds, and environments aren’t the same.


Understand the your desire to control almost everything around you is just gonna leave your life in shatters! Instead, let things flow the way they are intended to flow!

Social media

We aren't asking you to give up social media completely, its just that start using it appropriately. Do not become an addict! Turn off your notifications from time to time, and limit the amount of time you spend on social media. Find yourself an offline hobby and spend more time with your friends and family.


Its high time you understand that no one in this world can ever achieve perfection! It's as good as a myth. SO stop putting that pressure on yourself of being perfect or expecting it out of someone else! That is just not how it works!

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Living up to expectations and social approval

You don't need any social approval. Live your life the way you want!

Toxic relationships

If a relationship is taking too much toll on your health, if your partner is unrealistically demanding or making your life miserable, just get out of it! Sometimes it's hard to accept that you have to let go of certain relationships but that is exactly how life works!


Understand that you are the one responsible for your life, for your happiness or for your sadness. You chose this for you! So start making smart decisions and your life will be better!