9 Times Camera Captured An Unusual Natural Phenomena That We Have Never Seen!

  • 4:04 pm January 1, 2021
  • suhas

Camera will definitely go down as one of the best inventions by humans! Today, can you even imagine traveling or living without a camera? It is in built in our phones now! We have 9 occasions when camera captured a never before seen stuff!

Ice Flower

So we all have seen flowers and we kinda love them for how colorful they have. But have you ever seen a flower made out of ice? This looks absolutely stunning, doesn't it?

Iceberg With Strips

Continuing our fascination with ice, here is an Iceberg with strips. If you also want to see this in real, head to Antarctica and on your way, you'll see this!

Fire Strip

We know this was probably an extremely delicate incident but look at that fire line. You don't get to see this everyday, do you?

Power Of A Sun

So what do you think this is on this rock? Is it gold plated? Of course not! In reality, it is a cave that just got light up because of the sunset rays making it look like amber. Such is the power of sun!

Snow rolls!

Going back to our fascination with snow, look at the snow roll! This is something that all of us should experience at least once in life!

Rainbow Trees

And here we introduce you to Rainbow trees. The most beautiful thing you will see on this earth is nature and rainbows and if they get mixed up this is how it would look like.

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The Shape Of These Clouds

As kids, all of us have seen clouds in thee sky in fun shapes. Look at this one here. Clouds like this just look unreal!

Cross Sea

Cross sea's are the prettiest in this world! It usually occurs when waves from two different places meet each other and they cross each other.

Not A Hand

Yes, this looks like a hand but it is not a hand! It is actually a very weird looking fungi! Looks super crazy!