9 Times Karma Hit People And Gave Them What They Deserved For Parking In A Wrong Lane

  • 1:29 pm December 9, 2020
  • suhas

There is nothing that people can do that will surprise other people anymore. But then comes Karma in the picture and man it can surprise you in the most hilarious ways possible! The amalgamation of these images is precisely that! This is funny!

Fully Wrapped

Sometimes it is important to go out of your way to teach somebody a lesson! Wrapping it up completely is surely a great way of doing that!

No parking

Isn't it just annoying when you see a person Parking randomly without showing any kind of concern whatsoever for anybody else?

How Is he gonna Enter?

All we are thinking right now is how is the owner gonna enter his car? This is a good way to let him know that he has parked in the wrong area?

Shopping Cart Right There

Have you ever been in this situation? has anybody ever punished you by putting the carts around your car like this? We hope not because if they did, it speaks volumes about you!

An Example?

It is very important to set an example at times and this one is an example that nobody is ever going to forget! Damage done right perhaps?


So this man's car is blocked! A Sanitation worker punishes the car owner by his rubbish parking job by surrounding the car with trash cans. We are so impressed!

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Up in the Air

Some people really don't understand the rules and the regulations that they must follow. Just because they have a lot of money, they think they can get away with anything!

Centre Of Attraction

The car became the centre of attraction. Why will anybody park it like that? Any logical explanation to that?

Rude Comment

Ummm, the less said about this thing, the better it is! The Parking was bad but the message was super rude as well!