9 Weird And Entertaining Photos Captured By Walmart Security Camera

  • 11:54 pm June 9, 2018
  • mariam

Walmart is a very interesting place. Basically, you can purchase anything there at a reasonable price. Walmart attracts some interesting customers. It is a place were people wear weirdest things an try to make fool of them. The seek the attention of all the people one-stop shopping and look at them.
The cheap prices. A reason for Walmart unusual customers is irrelevant because of the security footage from paints an interesting and hilarious pictures

Face Pack Girl

This girl forgot to see herself in the mirror and didn't remove her face pack. This girl clearly doesn’t waste any time and it looks like she ’s coming from or going to the gym.

Fashion Trend

Another fashion trend spotted at Walmart. Walmart is like New York Fashion Week! She is ready for walking on the ramp, mistakenly she is at Walmart.

Funky Attire

This dad used Walmart fashion to prove a point to his daughters that their shorts were too short. This experience should fill this guy’s daughters with enough embarrassment to keep them in pants for some time.

Weird Clothes

Is it a shirt? A curtain hiding her, Whatever it is, it’s holding onto dear life. This looks extremely horrible lady!

Damn, that's a good stand!

I could've never thought of something like this ever! This is innovative. Next time I see someone this big I will think of this picture. There's no looking back from here.

What does he think he is?

Who the hell is he trying to seduce? This is just the weirdest pose in the Walmart. What stunt is he trying to do? Someone tell him to wear a t-shirt!

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Those seem uncomfortable!

These are such heels that I wouldn't ever want to wear! Firstly because they are uncomfortable and secondly because they look weird! This woman has no fashion sense and all!

Just last minute errands!

Walmart is definitely not the place I want to go to before my wedding when I am all dressed up! This bride is definitely the weirdest one I have ever got to know of! Why would she grace everyone around with her bridal look?

Those dreadlocks!

I wonder if it is a guy or a girl but more importantly, I wonder how the person managed to get the hair so long? This can only happen at Walmart! I want to meet this person!

That's just weird!

This is so weird and funny at the same time. He's dressed up as a man but wearing heels and looking at those masks as if he's going to buy one!