9 Weird Facts Of Japan That Proves Parallel Universe Theory

  • 12:07 pm September 29, 2018
  • Hazel

Japan is unique in all the ways possible. The Japanese are too ahead of its time in the field of technology and they are too bizarre to understand. It is weird how they are so different from the rest of the world and everything that they do counts extraordinary. Every time you look up anything for Japan you only get all sorts of crazy. Their culture is different and it's definitely one of the reasons for their uniqueness. The land of the rising sun is the land of crazy too. Here are 9 weird facts of Japan that prove that parallel universe theory is real.

The Japanese propose as if they’re hiring a chef.

Even though the Japanese are quite advanced in the tech field they are not as advanced when it comes to traditional proposing. They are shy and that is why they say it indirectly. A guy would ask his girlfriend, “Will you cook soup for me every day?” Alternatively, he might ask if his beloved is ready to wash his clothes and be buried in one grave next to him. But it is not much used nowadays, and only very shy Japanese men still use this to express their love.

Some Japanese spend years in cyber cafes and live there

In Japan, the people who don't make much money often opt to live in a cyber cafe as they cannot afford to live in a capsule hotel. The limited seating here doesn’t always let you allow you to lay stretched out. And in the cyber cafes, they also provide their visitors with showers and free non-alcoholic beverages apart from internet. The average price for staying in these places is lower ($12-22 a day) than in capsule hotels ($18-36 a day).

A cat or a dog can become a station master

Do you remember the legend about the Roman Emperor Caligula who made his horse a senator? The Japanese aren’t crazy, but at Kishi Railway Station in Wakayama Prefecture a cat holds the high position of station master. The first purring master was Tama. This cat greeted passengers and instead of money she received food. She even took part in the shooting of a local documentary. After her death, thousands of people came to pay their respects and she was enshrined at a nearby Shinto shrine as a spirit goddess. In 2015, her position was taken by her successor, Nitama.

School students wear mini-skirts and knee-high socks even in winter

Any time of the year, school students wear pleated mini-skirts with white, dark blue, or black knee-high socks. In anime school, girls wear really short skirts, but the majority of schools consider knee-high skirts acceptable. Some fashionistas love to wear loose socks with mini-skirts to make their ankles look chubby and often break rules by shortening their skirts themselves. Most students wear shorts under their skirts. Many Japanese schools have common dressing rooms for male and female students. That’s why girls put on their sports uniforms in advance, right under their school uniform.

There are cafes where you can talk to owls.

ove cats? Go to a goat cafe, or a bunny cafe, or an owl cafe. There are a lot of different types of animal cafes in Japan. One of them is an owl cafe called Fukuro no Mise, in Tokyo. The place is so popular people stand in line for hours before it opens. By the way, it’s not a cafe as we are used to thinking about one: there is no food, just beverages. And talking to a bird will cost you $17. There are strict rules regarding your communication with owls: you can only touch their backs or heads and all visitors are given instructions before they get to be with the birds.

Thousands of naked and semi-naked men take part in the Hadaka Matsuri festival.

The Hadaka Matsuri is an annual festival with over 9,000 male participants. Men wear a minimum of clothing: just a traditional Japanese loincloth, the fundoshi. They can also wear a kimono or be completely naked in some cases. The festival has deep religious roots. It’s believed that men’s nudity absorbs evil forces and misfortune. After swimming in ice-cold water men try to catch charms made of willow branches as a Shinto priest throws them into the crowd. It is believed that they bring luck. The festival rarely goes by without broken noses or bruised body parts.

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In Japan black cats bring luck.

You will never see a Japanese person who decided to not cross the road because a black cat was sitting there. People in Japan believe that black cats bring luck. Single women are the luckiest owners of black cats: it’s believed that she’ll have a lot of fiancées.

You can take a nap in special cafes.

There are cafes where you can take a nap in a really soft, comfortable bed (you choose how much time you need). You can read a book or get earphones and listen to music. The staff will wake you up when necessary and bring you a cup of coffee. You’ll probably have the most amazing dreams there. Do you know any unusual facts about Japan? Which festivals or TV shows do you know about? Share with us in the comments.

The Japanese shave their heads to express feelings of remorse

This is what Japanese pop star Minami Minegishi looked like before shaving her head. Some Japanese men shave their heads to confess their guilt. Ordinary people, politicians, and pop stars can do the same. Sometimes women will even cut their hair as an act of contrition. In 2013, pop star Minami Minegishi, a member of АКВ48 band, cut her hair as an apology for spending the night with her boyfriend. The contract she signed with АКВ48 stated that all participants should not date or in any other way spoil their image of innocence. She said she didn’t want to leave the band and acknowledged her guilt with the traditional shaving of her head. This tradition, like many others, is becoming outdated and the shaving of one’s head is becoming a rare act of being regretful. The Japanese have more than 20 ways of apologizing.