9 Weird Vintage Fashion Statements That Women Actually Wore!

  • 11:51 am April 5, 2021
  • suhas

Very few people truly understand fashion and while there may be a lot of takers for the outrageous kind of looks, the reality is that it suits very few. In fact, most of us just follow trends without even realizing if it suits us or not. Our history is filled with fashion statements that were clearly a disaster but people went along with it nonetheless. Here are nine such fashion disasters that could have been easily managed but never were!


The Ruff is a style from 1500's which was made popular by Queen Elizabeth and with time and age, it kept growing in size. Today, most people would undermine it. In fact it is a fashion statement that made little or no real sense. But let's face it, it does make for a great neck gear - especially if you are accident prone / used to sleeping when in transit!


This 17th CE style outfit is good enough to hide an entire village under the seams, if not more. Turns out, women all around the world, in the century, wore this kind of dresses at some point in their lives. Makes us wonder if people will ever go back to these exaggerated seams!


Looks like something Cher would wear, no!? Turns out this look of all things shiny and metallic also gained prominence in the 70's and whether Cher was solely credited to this becoming popular or not, is a thing of debate!


Some things can become really questionable like these hats from the 1900's. Hats have been a part of style statements since centuries however, the kind of craze that set in in 1900's had been unmatched. From weird shapes to outrageous bird feather embellishments, these hats were the talk of the town. Thank god for development, else we would have some more beautiful avian species going extinct!


The pressure of looking "thin" and "in-shape" has been paramount in fashion worlds and let's face it, general society. This has been going on since centuries and the Hobble dresses were just an extension of this sad ideology. So with their restrictive space and tight fastenings, these dresses aimed to curtail a woman's right to movement (and freedom to breathe!)


And then there were Neon Mini Skirts as well. For a lot of women, this was the epitome of beauty back in time. Today, a lot of designers will not approve of this!

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A strict no-no for well-endowed women, these dresses are too short for women too long! What are your views on this?


Long ago, almost every woman preferred bullet bras in order to give busts a pointy look. Decades later, Madonna tried bringing it back in 90s but for obvious reasons it did not work out.


If you are a fan of period dramas, you would know what Corsets are. There was a mini scene in Titanic as well! They make you look great but then breathing becomes an issue for some!