A Perfect Look In The Toilet Can Reveal Very Crucial Facts About Your health!

  • 11:48 am October 3, 2020
  • suhas

Being healthy should be everybody's priority. No matter what, we should always focus on our health first and then on other works. Now here's a thing, sometimes you may think you are fit but you might not be, so how do you figure that out? It is simple. Couple of extra seconds in toilet can help you out with that!

The Bowel Movements

One of the most important things in the journey of staying healthy is drinking lots and lots of water. A good bowel movement ensures healthy life! It is good to have at least couple of dumps a day. But some people are blessed with more thanks to an amazing metabolism.

The texture

So how does it help? Well, a simple glance at you poop can reveal a lot of crucial details about your health. Several factors like the shape, size, color, and other fecal features can tell you a great deal about your overall health, how your gastrointestinal tract is functioning, and even give you clues about serious disease processes that could be occurring, like infections, digestive problems etc. Now none of us knew this, right?

Normal and Not

So what is normal and what is not in terms of what your body sends out? Well, look at this chart and you will know. Look at all these things properly and you'll understand a lot!

Also, does it stink?

Even the amount of stench can say a lot by the way!

If it stinks a lot, it should not be ignored under any cost. A stinky poop can be associated with several diseases like:

A malabsorptive disorder

Celiac disease

Crohn’s disease

Chronic pancreatitis

Cystic fibrosis

Some Textures

The texture is extremely important. For e.g

Hard Lumps like Nuts – Eat Lots of fruits and drink as much water as you can in this case.

Smooth and soft, Sausage-shaped – An indication of normal poop and a good health.

All Liquid, No Solid Pieces – If it’s watery then you are sure to be having some infection or diarrhea. Keep yourself hydrated.

Sausage-shaped but Lumpy – A normal Poop but still eat fiber-rich food and more of liquids.


So well, the next time you are in bathroom, make sure to spend some seconds in analyzing your poop. That will be helpful!

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