A Special Type of Passport Which Only 500 People In World Possess

  • 3:13 pm July 14, 2018
  • Hazel

A passport is a very important document that helps you travel the world around, it is an identity that you carry with you. Without a passport, you cannot travel places outside of your country, because that is considered your identification proof as a sane human. And that is why to get it you have to submit all the identification documents that prove your clean record. This is mainly for security reasons on a flight or when you go overseas on a cruise. You don’t want someone with bad records to be on board with you. You will feel insecure and there are possibilities that this person might be harmful. And so the identification proof helps the authority to provide full protection while you travel and where you travel to. This special kind of passport categories these people who own them. And only 500 people possess this…


Having a passport to travel to other countries is mandatory and if you try to count all the passports that people all over the world own would be nonsensical! German passport permits travelers to travel in about 177 countries. People who possess this are very proud of it!

The Special Passport

There is a special passport, the rarest one in the world which is possessed by only about 500 people and it is issued by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta which is popular all over the world for the social works provided by them.

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta

Now you might be thinking what exactly The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is. Well, it is a Catholic institution whose precept is to defend the Catholic faith and to assist the poor.

It is active in 120 countries all over the world providing humanitarian and social efforts to those who need medical attention. They also care for the needy and their members devote their entire time to social service.

500 passports

Only 500 passports are available in this order, the main center of the rarest passport. But this exclusive passports can only be used during some strict duration given by the order.

The passport is only held by the senior officials and it is issued only for the time of a particular assignment.

Valid Identification

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta maintains a relation of diplomacy with about 106 countries of the world and all these states consider this passport as a valid form of identification which is issued only during special orders.

Knights and Danes...

This order comprises of about 13,500 knights, dames, and chaplains, at present. There are about 80,000 volunteers and 25000 employees. This portrays that there is a tough and strictly maintained hierarchy in the order and people have to work very hard to achieve the top positions.

It is really a big deal and not an easy task to get this passport among all these people, only 500 gets to hold this passport.

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Encouraging the good work!

So this grand and glorified story of the rarest passport is quite amazing! This should be given more support in the other nations as well!

As there are people who need help and the people who provide help should get a little advantage to encourage them.