All The Millionaires Are Settling Here And The Country Is Running Out Of Space!

  • 12:21 pm July 13, 2018
  • Hazel

When we talk about the rich people, we always have this ridiculously lavish lifestyle that comes to our mind and that is actually the truth so whatever we think is actually true and we all wish that we should also get an opportunity to live a life that lavish! But sadly, we are less fortunate to get all the things in our lineage and so we can only look at their lavish lifestyle and dream about it, or maybe work towards it! These millionaires are enjoying the lifestyle so grand in this country and crowding the space up with their population where helicopters are booked more than cabs. This country can officially be called the ‘Rich peoples dwelling’. They should consider adopting people from poor countries so that they could taste fortune.

Country of the rich!

Imagine a country with clean streets and peace all around the corner. Well, that will be John Lenon’s dream come true but only, he wishes there shouldn’t be any country and the whole world is in peace and happiness.

This is the billionaire world where you can find peace all around the corners and cleanliness all around. This country is even smaller than a district where people are not worried about the daily things that we are usually worried about!

No worries...

People of this country don’t worry about taxes and other middle-class misery. They are rather fond of car racing, sailing, boating, etc.

A place where people use helicopters more than they book cars to travel. This is not hyped up, this is luxury! Yes, such luxuries do exist!


This is Monaco! A tiny country on France’s sun-kissed Mediterranean coast is dwelling place for about 38,000 people. Where everyone in three is millionaires, according to WealthInsight.

It has the highest per capita GDP in the world. That’s just good news for people who are searching for a luxurious neighborhood!

Settling in the country...

A country where every other person is a billionaire, and people who are wealthy all over the world are looking for a chance to settle here, make their dwelling place.

Every Billionaire wants to live in this awesome place but there is not much space for more people to migrate here.

Tiny country...

Monaco is roughly the size of New York’s Central Park. How much do you think will fill in? Its real estate market is red hot and the demand is hitting the roof but the supply is scarce.

Popular residents include Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, tennis star Novak Djokovic and Lady Tina Green, wife of British retail billionaire Sir Philip Green.

Capital of world's riches

Monaco is called the capital of the world’s riches. It’s population, the world’s richest people, have the average income is in crores. 38 thousand people live here from which, more than one-third is a billionaire. 

The population of the rich people leaves behind billionaires of Switzerland’s Geneva and Zurich city. Monaco is located on the Mediterranean coast of France. 

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Famous Casino

Here the high-rise buildings will be seen in every way. Cars like Bugatti, Maybach, and McLaren will be seen on the roads just like other inexpensive cars on a random street. It also has the world’s most famous casino.

 It is also called the playground of riches where racing and boat races are hottest sports for the people.

The reason behind the shortage

No wonder why all the rich people want to live in this beautiful luxurious country but sadly it is situated in an only 2 square kilometers. The reason behind the shortage of space in this awesome country is because it is built in on the ocean.

Prince Albert have planned many things for this country, which includes building an island on the sea. Many private investors have invested in this project and it is also being monitored by the Monaco government.


This definitely isn’t a quiet place for rich loungers. It is very loud as residents rev up their super car engines when they drive around town, the roars of the engines echo off the high-rise apartment buildings.

Tourists often visit just to take pictures of these ultra-expensive vehicles. There are several other places which are only meant for the rich as they are very expensive.