Angry Wife Taunts Her Cheating Husband's Girlfriend With This Letter.

  • 12:20 am September 3, 2018
  • Hazel

When you are in a marriage the most important the most basic thing is trust and not only having trust but to keep the trust and not to do the forbidden thing. This amazing letter written my this angry woman is hilarious. Women are smart and they might overthinking but this helps them to suspect and get to the truth more often. It is proved that women would make great spies. And every woman is on her undercover mission. And if men ever try to cheat on her, she'll surely come up with something to mock them.

Thank you note

When in marriage, the trust is the foremost important thing and when that is broken, getting mad at the person and the one he's cheating with is natural. This woman had different plans than just getting separated from her husband. When the mother of two sons, Melanie, found out that her husband is in a relationship with another woman, she was totally irritated and she discovered signs of infidelity when her husband was taking a shower in the morning. She even found her name, Jennifer. She then decided to write a letter which turned hilarious,she thanked the mistress for leaving love bite marks on the chest of her husband.

The money

Now she started off with the whole money thingy, she knew that this will definitely surprise Jennifer so se told that, she should have a good amount of money to support her husband financially. In the letter, she said that her husband needs to give most of the money to support her kids and to pay for alimony. So, she should give up the thought of his money because it belongs to the wife.

No clothes

She even gave Jennifer the decision to make her husband dress up as she wishes. She told that she will claim his clothes and that she has no intention of returning it. She did that so that he could reach Jennifer almost naked.

The mistress has to maintain distance from the children

As the husband has to visit the children and spend time with them Jennifer should not only let him be but also maintain distance from her children because the husband had said that Jennifer is a drunk woman.


Her husband had undergone a procedure after breaking his back and so the angry wife informed the mistress about his stamina in bed, his manhood because of the incident.

Never try to return him to me

As he was too angry to think anything, she even said the mistress that she will not accept him back as he committed wrong when he first touched her and she will not forgive him for that.

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Get ready to hear the blame

She told Jennifer to get ready for hearing blame. She warned her about her husband will always blame her with tears in his eyes that Jennifer giggled to him, “I hope your wife sees that.” She completed that, she did see the bite marks and punched her husband in the eye.

Friendly warning

She warned Jennifer that she will see to it thatvshe troubles her and the husband, the same amount her kids are facing right now. She ended by congratulated her for having won him.