Artist Creates Powerful Illustrations Showing Us the Dark Side Of Our World

  • 4:31 pm September 28, 2018
  • Helma

This artist who has won several awards for showing the real side of the modern society which is hidden like a secret with his illustrations. People may find it difficult to understand but it depicts the reality of our modern world where some are harsh and some are stunning. His powerful illustrations not only gone famous but being published all around the world.


We might say we are focused in our career but sometimes our mind tries to play with us and sometimes there are manipulative people who try to play with our minds.

Tragic End Of Career

We always look forward to a new career but we never think about the person who lost their career and they have nothing left just to wait for some miracle to happen with them.

Not To Tell Anyone

Industrialist people or we say rich people they know how to shut others mouth just by showing their power and their way of ruling the innocents.

Too Much Use Of Gadgets

The modern world is not only got upgraded with development and new innovations but also with gadgets like phones and laptops that people are using it day by day.

Man Breastfeeding

We have seen a woman breastfeeding their kids but not men and here the image indicates how dads love their children and they will do anything for their children even if they have to become a mother.

strict parents

There are half people who give freedom to their children to taste the life of their teenage years and the other half just control them.

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Over Use Of Medicines

There was a time where people consumed medicines only if they were sick but nowadays people have created so many medicines that its feel like we are not eating food but actually medicines.

Punk Rock Fans

There are many fans in the world who follow different kinds of music and stars but to get noticed or to get close to the stars they will do anything like anything.