Baby Girl Sees Big Brother Stepping Out Of The Bus And Her Reaction Is Adorable…

  • 7:03 pm August 1, 2018
  • Hazel

Babies are the one which only shows the true emotion, well they never fake it. They are god gifted and the emotion they shows are always natural. As you can see in this video this little girl emotion which truly depicts that babies are one who never judge you for who you are, they never differentiate between rich and poor or good or bad. They are the one which brings the childish nature in you. Even looking into newborn babies which can melt your heart.

Joyful Baby

This is essentially the most joyful baby girl in the world, on weekday afternoons.

The video underneath opens with the delightful, pink-clad baby standing up on the seat of her father's truck, likely on her tippy toes, stressing to see out the window.


The little girl is focusing on seeing what is outside, of what was actually going around and she wasn’t taught to love and so her reaction is priceless.

It is a wonder of the world that humans can feel love and affection towards people when they don’t even know how to talk, at such a young age.

The camera swivels to take after her look, and offers our first clue into what all the energy's about…

The little girl is waiting for surprise

When a bus rolls in and the little girl implying she's prepared to join whatever remains of the cool children. She is still interested in knowing what is going to happen and so she eagerly waits for it.


And then steps out her big brother, her hero, the protector and he is home. Her reaction to this was so delightful that will make anyone’s day. A sweet little start of a day! Her series of screeches and giggles are the sweetest and you will definitely go, “Awww” on it!

The Video

As the video progresses further, you even get to see how she even dashes over to the traveler entryway and attempts to get it open so she can get out there and welcome him. Redditor Natsdorf of Louisville, Kentucky, is the one to give credit to, who showed the world this video by posting it.